Charitable donations and the college application

<p>Hi guys. Sorry if this is in the wrong section but this is my first post so I am not very familiar with the forums. So onto my question.
I am currently a sophomore in high school and am looking to do some volunteer work for a charitable organization. (Such as continuously raising funds to fund the organization's projects) I was just wondering if there are any charities that allow me to continuously raise funds instead of sending in a lump sum.
And before you think "well, this is not related to college at all" this question does indeed relate to college applications. I am wondering if i can put my potential work on my college application.
And lastly (sorry for the really long post) i would really appreciated it if you guys could tell me some good ways to raise funds aside from begging.
Thanks so much.</p>

<p>It would work if you could show your initiative in creating and organizing/running interesting fundraising events. One thing that works is something involving competitions, but with interesting twists. Either there would be an entrance fee or "pledges" (eg, x$ per mile for mile run).</p>

<p>For example, take something as simple as a run. Add some twists. Is it Halloween? Run in costumes, with prizes for running winners, but also prizes for for craziest costumes. Add that they have to run with plastic pumpkins and need to stop at stations for "trick or treat," collecting various treats. Or have participants run with dogs, or have a scavenger hunt with people having to collect screwy things. Have a "mud olympics" for high school kids, where they need to get really muddy - a crawl through mud or a tug-of-war, or... or... or... so many ideas!</p>

<p>Oh i see. So basically just do some fun stuff sorta like the annual events like the 5k runs for breast cancer and such right? And i will basically have to collaborate with the city and school district. Thanks alot for your reply. That really sparked my brain juices and imagination. :D</p>