CHC: Possible to Double Major?

<p>I am considering the University of Oregon and the Clark Honors College, but some of the threads on here about the restrictions of the CHC on some majors have alarmed me, and I was wondering if, for instance, a double major in Business Administration and Philosophy would be possible while also completing the CHC curriculum.</p>

<p>CHC's own requirements are a little more (in terms of credit hours) but not a lot more than just going through the regular General Education requirements for UO. You need to look at the online catalog and figure out exactly what is required for your two majors and for CHC and just plot it out.</p>

<p>My daughter is a CHC student, and although she isn't double-majoring, she is doing her major's honors program (requires more classes than the basic major), is minoring in something else, and is completing a special certificate program, and an intensive year-long tutorial program. And with the help of 3 summer term classes, she's doing this all in four years. However, she's been very organized about her schedule and hasn't really taken unrelated classes "just for fun" (she finds the things she's studying to be fun already), she takes a full course load each term.</p>

<p>So the answer to your question is yes, but you need to set up a road map and plan how to make it all fit together. That's not hard to do, in fact it's kind of interesting and you'll become very informed about what you need to take, pre-requisites, scheduling, etc. Advisors can be great, but you're always a lot better off if you have a clear picture yourself of what you need to do.</p>

<p>It does seem that there are some majors that are more difficult to mesh with CHC than others, but I don't think your particular choices are any problem at all.</p>

<p>Thanks so much! That's very reassuring.</p>