ChE schedule?

<p>With my current schedule, I am going to take calc 2, intro to ChE, intro to computing, intro to ancient rome, my ugs, and beginning tennis. Should I also take intro to biology? Right now I have 14 hours, including tennis. Would taking bio be too much? If I don't take it now, then next semester my schedule would have to be o chem & lab, physics & lab, calc 3, and bio. So should I take it this semester or next? My adviser said that incoming freshman shouldn't take that much their first semester and the fall is busy with football games and such, so I'm not sure what to do.</p>

<p>By "calc 2", do you mean M408D? And by "calc 3", do you mean M427K? </p>

<p>You should be fine with your current schedule. 14 hours is all right for your first semester, especially since you're already ahead in most classes. You would only need to be worried if you didn't have chemistry and/or calculus credit.</p>

<p>That is about what my ChE schedule is this semester. I've got Calc III, Intro to ChE, Intro to Computing, Medicine in the 21st Century (UGS), and Intro to Western Music.</p>

<p>Now what do YOU mean by "calc III"?</p>

<p>I mean Multivariable Calculus (M408M)</p>

<p>soadquake: yeah, i meant M408D and M427K. I think I'll go ahead and stick with my schedule how it is, with 14 hours, 17 would be a little over the top for my first semester. I was just worried about my next semester's schedule being a lot, but I guess it will be doable. Thanks for the input.</p>

<p>I did 13 hours my first semester, and then 16 my second semester. Both were manageable, so don't worry about it.</p>