Cheap but good places to eat?

<p>Taking my daughter to FSU next Thursday to move into her dorm (Degraff) for Summer Term C..... we are on a TIGHT budget so any suggestions for inexpensive but good places to eat? </p>

<p>We are not breakfast people - the hotel we are staying at provides breakfast so that's good..... mainly looking for quick lunch places - casual dinner eateries.</p>

<p>Also, any last minute suggestions re: move-in? I think we are going to try to move in late afternoon/early evening hours on Thursday.....good idea? bad idea?</p>

<p>Bagel bagel has food that is lunch-worthy. The location on Pensacola is your typical student dive, but the food is good and filling. Sumo Sabi on Pensacola is another popular place for good food for reasonable price. It has sushi, rice bowls. Spartan interior but clean and the food is good. Mr Robato's on Pensacola also has sushi but the ambiance is just too student ghetto. My student likes it but I don't. There is a newer location on Tennessee --maybe better?</p>

<p>There is a good Mexican place on Pensacola that is not expensive either. Will search for the name. </p>

<p>The chains on Thomasville Road or Monroe north of campus are pricey. As are the places east on Apalachee. Reasonable is west on Pensacola but you won't get atmosphere. Moe's is always plenty of food for less. MoMo's Pizza is legendary but I have not had. The LOOP closed, what a shame. Pita Pit is good. </p>

<p>There are the fast food places to avoid: McD's, BK, etc etc.</p>

<p>Move-in in the afternoon-evening is wise IMHO.</p>

<p>Try MoMo's Pizza, one slice is big enough for two people. Advice for moving in: if you have your clothes already on hangers putting them away goes much faster. Try packing in boxes that have handles and I would move in when it is not so hot like stated above afternoon-evening. A lot of people unload along the road and then carry their stuff up to their room. We found a parking spot in the lot right behind there and just kept taking everything slowly out of the car.</p>

<p>Momo's is great. One slice will definitely fill you up, and I believe it's 3 bucks a slice. Just go West on Tennessee Street from Degraff, and it's right near Moe's, Taco Bell, and Mr. Robotos. (Momo's is kind of hidden) </p>

<p>From Degraff, it's about a 10 Minute Walk, 1-2 minute drive.</p>

<p>Moe's is also a good option if you're looking for filling and inexpensive food and are into Tex-Mex. I'm not into Sushi or Japanese food, so no comment on Mr. Robotos.</p>

<p>Jim and Milt's BBQ on Pensacola Street
Mom and Dad's Italian Restaurant on US 27 heading towards Perry, FL
Decent Pizza on North Monroe
Momo's Pizza on West Tennessee (walking distance from campus)
Mr. Roboto Japanese restaurant on West Tennessee (walking distance from campus)
Jasmine Cafe & Lounge on College Ave for sushi
Pitaria - Greek & Mediterranean Grill on West Tennessee (walking distance from campus)
Jenny's Lunchbox for breakfast on the corner of North Magnolia and East Tennessee Street/Mahan Drive</p>

<p>How can you forget gumbys pizza lol. 6.40 gets you a 12 inch pizza, and it's delicious. Off of tennessee right next to the pitaria.</p>

<p>I can always count on people here on CC to help with great suggestions - thanks everyone! I've printed this page to take with us and will be hitting a few of these places.... </p>

<p>Now if I can only get my daughter to start packing seriously ..... sigh</p>