Cheap haircuts within walking distance?

<p>Alright, I haven't yet found a place within walking distance that offers fairly cheap haircuts (hopefully no more than $10 for men's haircuts).</p>

<p>Go up Mentor Ave and evetually you'll reach two places that will cut your hair for 10$ if you show them your Caltech ID. They're alright. Otherwise, there's Hair on Lake which is more expensive.</p>

<p>So there's a barbershop on mentor, which is one of the two places that silver mentioned. It's usually $12 but it's $11 w/ a Caltech ID on Mondays/Tuesdays.</p>

<p>Watch out for Hair on Lake!!! As you probably know, I have dyed hair - I originally dyed it (back freshman year) in order to distract from that ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE haircut that I got there. I think the folks at the Aveda salon (just south of colorado on lake) do a great job, but it's $37 for a men's haircut. </p>

<p>Of course, you can always just get a friend to do it if you want a really cheap haircut ;). There are a couple folks on campus who are as good as anything you're going to get for $10.</p>


<p>$10 is a LOT already for a haircut!! Well, I think it is for a men's cut. Actually, I think haircuts should be calculated based on time spent and volume of hair.</p>