Cheaper Schools?

<p>Can anyone point me to any good programs that aren't crazy expensive? (BFA or BA, doesn't matter) I'm looking for schools more in the north - NJ, PA, NY or close to there.</p>

<p>thanks in advance!</p>

<p>SUNY Buffalo has a good program but I'm not sure if you are an NY resident? That would change the tuition costs. Also I believe SUNY Cortland and SUNY Fredonia have programs. Not sure about all the details but you could check out their websites.</p>

<p>thanks for the reply! </p>

<p>I'm a NJ resident</p>

<p>Sorry! I am not sure as to less expensive programs cause of course my D's weren't. The only one that was very affordable with an academic scholarship was Webster University in St. Louis, MO. Great program too!</p>

<p>Its really hard to find a Northeastern school for MT that costs less than $40K. This may not help you, and this is by no means a complete list, just some ideas of what's out there under $30k - all costs are for tuition, room and board for OOS (some costs may be a little out of date, I looked these up last spring). The top half of the list are generally more highly-regarded than the bottom half of the list but no particular order is implied:</p>

<p>Florida State
University of Oklahoma
Sam Houston State
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
Texas State
University of Central Florida
Coastal Carolina
Ball State
James Madison
Northern Colorado
Cal State Fullerton
Wright State
SUNY Buffalo SUNY Courtland, SUNY Fredonia $26K
East Carolina $26k
Kent State $26k
Western Carolina
Minnesota State/Mankato $20k
Missouri State $20k
Northern Kentucky $20k
Northwestern State $20k (Louisiana)
Southern Utah $20k
Central Washington $20K</p>

<p>In general, many public schools, especially in the South and West, are less expensive than the Northeastern schools.</p>

<p>The following schools would be under $30,000 per year with a $5,000 to $7,000 scholarship, and most (but not all) of them are private schools that are potentially likely to award scholarships in that range:</p>

<p>Belmont $31K
Webster $34K
CCM $35K - public school, scholarship offers more likely to be limited
Elon $35K
Otterbein $36K
Shenandoah $36K
Point Park $36K
Penn State $37K - public school, scholarship offers more likely to be limited
Baldwin Wallace $37K</p>

<p>A couple of notes:</p>

<li><p>It is possible to get the cost of some of the schools with "list prices" above $40K down to $30k or even less (in some cases) with scholarships. Hence, many people recommend "going for it" if you are interested in an expensive school. This can lead obviously lead to disappointment, however, if the school doesn't offer the large scholarship package that you were hoping for. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained.</p></li>
<li><p>In general, the less the school costs, the lower the possible scholarship amounts.</p></li>

<p>Montclair State in NJ was always considered a school with a good program. Not certain about Rutgers but they do have good music and art departments</p>

<p>Montclair, Rutgers, and Rowan seem to have neat programs that offer different things. I think Montclair is the only one that offers a BFA in musical theater and other two are BA's, but I believe the Rutgers Mason-Gross school supposed to be excellent. Rowan has a great music department and proximity to Philadelpha, and a program where you can combine drama with elementary teaching.</p>

<p>Less expensive schools that people have mentioned on this board that I noticed include University of South Dakota (really cheap! I think it's about 15K for tuition AND board and except for being in SD, it looks like a nice school) Western Carolina University, U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and SUNY Fredonia and Coastal Carolina are all worth checking out.</p>

<p>What are your academic stats like? Many schools offer guaranteed merit awards for high GPA/test scores. Also, some schools (Elon, Ball State, CCM, sure there are others) have academic scholarship competitions with generous awards. For students who are National Merit Finalists, University of Cincinnati (CCM), University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City University have historically given full tuition +. </p>

<p>Talent scholarships are out there, but in my d's experience, larger scholarships were for academic stats (then again, a friend of d was offered an "you're from out of state" award on top of her academic merit award at a private college).</p>

<p>There are also schools which are extremely expensive and offer almost no merit aid, but are apparently extremely generous with need-based aid. For example, Northwestern says they have need-blind admissions and are committed to meeting 100% of student need for tuition and expenses. As I understand it, if your family's institutional EFC was $5000, that's all a student would pay to attend NU (versus nearly $60k/year normal price tag). We don't have personal experience with this, but I am told they are very generous with need-based aid, and I'm guessing there may be other well-endowed schools out there with similar policies.</p>

<p>As others have said, don't initially rule out schools due to list price alone, but be prepared to do so down the road if you don't get the help you'd need to attend.</p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

<p>Shorter University in Georgia offers a BFA in Musical Theatre and is really inexpensive. Tuition is $17500. Don't know a thing about the program but it certainly seems affordable!</p>

<p>I would agree - don't rule out any programs due to cost alone, but make sure you have financial safeties on your list. Also go in to the whole process with a very open mind and don't become fixated on one program. It would be horrible to fall in love with one program, be accepted, and then not be able to attend due to finances! BTW, contrary to many posts here, our experience with aid at Penn State has been extremely positive, so don't rule that program out based just on cost!</p>

<p>Lennon - I noticed that too about University of South Dakota-does anyone on here know how there program is?</p>

<p>thank you everyone for your helpful responses!</p>

<p>Kent State in Ohio is pretty affordable. Temple is pretty affordable for PA residents. Both programs are BA's.</p>

<p>I realized that I made a mistake above--the Rutgers does offer a BFA in acting. </p>

<p>I don't know much about USD beyond the website, I can't even remember what made me look it up!</p>

<p>Another inexpensive school is CUNY Brooklyn. They are now offering housing, but I doubt it's for all four years or even guaranteed for Freshman.</p>

<p>My D received a $12,000 a yr. scholarship to Webster which made it extremely affordable!</p>

<p>In addition to being on the under 30K schools list, Ball state also sometimes offers half tuition wavers through the theatre department for talent and through the honors college for academics. The honors college actually give full rides and a few MT's this year have them.</p>

<p>A friend's D got a very generous scholarship to study theatre at Wagner College (similar amount to Lulu63's post.)</p>

<p>Montclair state university!!!! Enough said!!!!!!</p>

<p>Another point I must make is you have to like the school not just the price tag or whatever you spend will be wasted. Good Luck!!</p>

Even without scholarships or half tuition etc. it is affordable.</p>