Cheapest Northeast Colleges


I’m a current freshman student and I’m looking into transferring. My current school is way too expensive and I really don’t want to acquire this much debt after 4 years. I would like to transfer to a cheap school that I can stay at for the next 3 years after transferring after either this semester or this year.

What are some VERY cheap, but decent, colleges in the Northeast US? I’m an averagely good student, and I don’t want a lot of debt at all. I’m also paying for college myself, so I need an actually cheap school.

You need to give us a budget. Very cheap means different things to different people. Community is usually the “cheapest” option. Do you live in the northeast? Your state school is a good place to start, or state directional(s). If you are outside of the northeast, UMaine offers a flagship match program, which was actually less expensive for us (in CT) than our state uni. Also, define “averagely good” so we can help determine where you might be eligible for merit aid. What is your major?

My budget would be schools less than about 20k. My highschool gpa was 3.5, but I plan to have a higher GPA for this year. I would like to avoid community college because I don’t want to have to transfer again to get a bachelors and I would like to have a degree from a better more general university.

Your in-state school is likely the cheapest option before merit scholarships/financial aid is accounted for (which can vary widely between the freshman and transfer admission processes.)

Do you live in the Northeast? If so, the Northeast, like other parts of the US has a tuition exchange with other regional universities. However, usually state flagships (the main campuses, but the satellite campuses might) do not participate, but this can be a good route if you’re interested in living OOS, but don’t want to pay the full OOS tuition. Some schools also participate for certain majors only.

I am unsure if transfer students are eligible, so make sure to do your own research on the website:

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

What is your home state and major? Are you in commutable distance to a state university or directional? The $20k budget will likely limit you to those options. Your parents are not eligible for Financial Aid?

If you live in NYState, you might be eligible for the Excelsior scholarship.