I had took my accuplacer test and got a bad score and you can only take it 2 times so the second time I had a close friend that looked like me take the test and a few days later they sent me a email saying there was a striking difference in the handwriting we would like to invistigate this please call us and we can set up a informal meeting my question is what is the worst that can happen ??

Is this a placement test at a school you’ve been accepted to? I guess the worst thing that can happen is they revoke your acceptance. Is that likely? Hard to say. Some schools have honor codes that are very importent to them. This was an incredibly bad decision on your part. Cheating is never the best path. I hope you’ve learned that lesson for the future.

If they do revoke your acceptance and you’ve already turned down your other options, you can take a gap year and reapply to schools next year.

Was that a school with an honors code?
If so, you’re out.
If not, best case scenario they make you take the test again. Worst case scenario, you’re rescinded.
You realize that test is to determine where to best place you, right? If you’re placed in an upper level classes what will you do when you encounter assignments you can’t do? Cheat again?

Was the targeted school a Community College? If so, I would start looking at alternatives that might be outside of the existing CC system. If it is a 4-year institution, were you accepted at other affordable schools.

Apparently, the scores on the second test was much higher than the results of the first test, which triggered the review. I would be surprise if the school allow you to move forward.