Cheater says Piece of Cake

<p>"The 19-year-old whiz kid says his bustling business started with a casual proposal from a classmate. “He’s like, ‘Yo, you’re good on your SATs and I’m not. And you know this is possible. How much is it going to take?’ ”</p>

<p>The answer was a cool $2,500. Eshaghoff told “60 Minutes” that he took the tests — both the SAT and the ACT — roughly 20 times for score-starved clients. </p>

<p>“My whole clientele were based on word of mouth and, like, a referral system,” Eshaghoff said. He offered up his SAT wizardry gratis only once, for his then-girlfriend."</p>

<p>SAT</a> taker-for-hire Sam Eshaghoff tells "60 Minutes" it was easy to cheat -</p>