Cheating/Getting Scores Flagged

<p>Ok, so I hope CB doesn't think I cheated. </p>

<p>I took the SAT in May and right as I walked out I knew I did horrible. Yet for some reason I did not cancel, because I wanted to help my superscore since I thought I did better on CR and W. </p>

<p>Well, I did a little better on Writing and my CR score basically stayed the same I think. Math went WAY down and my M+CR ended up being like a 1220...terrible, 100 points less than I got the in March, a 1320 M+CR. I did not get a good nights sleep, and I kind of went through the motions that day.</p>

<p>Fast forward to today...and I think I did pretty awesome. Tracking the CR and M threads on here I'll hopefully end up with low 700 in math and a high to mid 700 in CR...a great score for me. </p>

<p>I read somewhere that if you get an increase of 300+ in M+CR or a 400+ on the whole thing, that College Board will flag your scores. Thats probably true, so unless I got a 1500+, I should be in the clear? </p>

<p>If I got a 1500+ I'd be so, so, so, so happy, but if I were able to score that high and someone else in my room scored that high...I'm screwed? Or will CB be cool (probs not lol) and look at my highest single sitting of 1320, not my recent 1220?</p>

<p>Oh and I read that cursive thread and I was one of the first people to finish because I didn't care and just wanted to get it over with, where the last couple times I spent a lot of time making it semi-legible. Argggggggghhh. Though my essay handwriting should look the same..</p>

<p>oh well, this will probably all be in vain. I'd be happy to eek out a 1400, ecstatic if I got a 1450 and I might get a 1500 if the curve is cushy (dobutful for math, maybe for CR).</p>

<p>Thanks...should I be worried?</p>

<p>Low scores have a much less chance of flagged, as the liklihood of 200+ points increases is much higher. Also, consider that the system requires at least 2 indicators, high jump in scores being only one of them.</p>

<p>What do you mean by that? 200+ in one section or in two combined? Low as in going from a 450 to a 650 or something like that?</p>

<p>What exactly are the different types of indicators?</p>

<p>Disputes</a> with ETS</p>

<p>Here is a link from PR that explains some of the stuff I was talking about (or thought I was talking about lol)</p>



The most common event causing ETS to review a score is that the test-taker has increased his or her score significantly from a score obtained at a prior administration. ETS does computer comparisons of current and prior scores, and "flags" a score for review if the increase is above a certain amount. With SAT scores, if a student increases 350 points or more in combined math + verbal scores, or increases 250 points or more in either math or verbal, the score is flagged for review. This will constitute a questioned score if ETS finds a second item of evidence to support cancellation.


<p>This reassures me a little. If this is accurate, I'd need like 1570 CR+M for them to flag it...which I highly doubt I got lol. I really should have canceled my May SAT, arggghhh</p>

<p>"ETS requires at least two items of evidence before questioning scores, the most common of which are a large score difference (dramatic improvement from a prior test) combined with similar answers to a test-taker seated nearby."</p>

<p>Score alone is not enough.</p>

<p>Yeah, luckily I took the test with some of my stoner friends and a couple of them finished every section with like 15 minutes left and they would just play calculator games or the one by the window would play with the blinds. Granted then again, some people on here say they can finish a CR section in like 12 minutes, but these weren't the studious kind of kids </p>

<p>I used to go to school with one of the girls in the room and she was pretty smart...but she was sitting diagonally across from me. </p>

<p>IDK, thanks for the reassurance guys.</p>