Cheating in Freshmen Year of HS - Does it affect your college admission?

<p>Hi, I'm currently a high school freshmen. A few months ago, I made a very stupid decision. My foreign language grade jumped from somewhere around 80 to somewhere around 90 and I wanted to keep up the 90 for that marking period but I was very busy and wasn't able to study the night before. So my friend gave me an idea to write cheat notes on my hand and I stupidly did it. While taking the test, the teacher most likely caught me looking at my hand and found it suspicious. Not only did I get caught but the notes didn't help AT ALL because I was expecting something entirely different on my exam and I only looked at it once or twice. It was a regular exam and I ended up getting a dean's record for cheating and I failed the test anyways (however this might've saved me because the teacher knew my cheating was minor since I got such a low grade compared to all my other tests). I was surprisingly not thrown into detention or suspension but the teacher talked to my parents about it during PTC and told them if I don't cheat anymore during my high school career, it would be ok and I asked my guidance counselor and she said the same. However, my teacher seems to be watching me and picking on me a lot more after the cheating and I also heard a lot of people say it does affect college admission. I'm very worried about this.</p>

<p>Will cheating on a test in freshmen year affect my acceptance into college? My grades are 90+ right now (I got under 85 first semester of HS) and my regents average is 85+. I think this is the only record I got in HS so far. I am hoping to get into NYU or one of the top SUNYs.</p>

<p>If it is not on your transcript then no (if you weren't suspended then I doubt it will be). Just don't ask the teacher for a recommendation lol</p>

Just don't ask the teacher for a recommendation lol



<p>you said its on your record? you mean your transcript?</p>

<p>dude everyone knows the best way to cheat is tape something on the bottom of your shoe. or if you're having trouble memorizing things, look at your cheat sheet until the last possible second and then copy your notes down from short term memory as soon as you get your test. notes under long socks work well too.</p>

<p>yeah its on my record
and if I apply to colleges like NYU or Columbia, don't think request recommendations?</p>

<p>dont ask THAT teacher for a rec, you can still ask others</p>

<p>on the common app they have a section where you can explain things like that, dont cheat again, explain what happened, and it wont be an issue.</p>