cheating on AP

<p>so basically, i cheated on an ap test. text messaging someone else. i admit it. i was reported to college board and a formal thing was sent in already. you guys can bash me all you want, for i am not going to justify myself. sure, i deserve it and i am completely devastated. just one question, will my offer of admissions be recinded? specifically upenn and i applied ED. cause if that offer is recinded then i would have to go to a cc.</p>

<p>oh wow...... an AP exam? really? i mean, i can understand SAT, but AP? an exam that shows the same score for 66% and 100% papers...</p>

<p>someone asked me a question in a text. i texted in back. that was what it was. but cheating is cheating.</p>

<p>um, i would say so, sorry =[</p>

<p>no idea, but ap tests arent worth the risk... esp. considering penn offers ap equivalents testing during the first week of NSO..</p>

<p>collegeboard is just going to cancel your score, so i think youre fine. penn wont know that you cheated</p>

<p>(unless a penn adcom reads CC)...
<em>quickly looks around</em></p>

<p>but the final report it will ask the counselor if i have received any disciplinary preoblems and they would have to say i cheated and got ethics aqnd go into detail</p>

<p>Perhaps you should take the initiative and discuss with Penn admissions- since they will find out sooner or later from your high school advisor. Be honest- you made a mistake ( yes- it is cheating but perhaps it was just an impulsive move on your part in helping a friend)- Take responsibility but express remorse and hope they will rely more on your previous (hopefully clean) record.</p>

<p>do you know how i would be able to discuss it with penn admissions? becausei think via email would be quite hard to do so.</p>

<p>Call your regional rep- do you have a relationship with them? If not- call the admissions office and perhaps make an appt to come in and talk to them in person if that is possible. If you live too far than speak to them by phone. Have you spoken with your college advisor about this? Your parents?</p>


<p>do nothing and hope penn doesn't find out</p>

<p>why don't you talk to your CG office? They'll probably know what the consequences are.</p>

<p>well they jsut said it varies from school to school so that wasnt any help. i need penn specific, im so screwed..</p>

<p>Doesn't the CG office send disciplinary reports out to colleges?
I think in your situation, you're not in a good shape no matter what college, unless they're not going to report your academic dishonesty.</p>

<p>I would not notify UPenn. I would call up College Board's AP division and ask them if the fact that I cheated would come up on the score card that they would send to UPenn. ONLY after they say yes, you should take up the issue with UPenn. And ask your guidance counselor to cut you some slack, and not write when they send your FINAL report to Upenn.</p>

<p>was probably pretty stupid to cheat on something as meaningless as an AP test BUT</p>

<p>i agree that the best course of action would be to get in touch with penn directly and tell them what happened. if you don't tell them you risk them finding out through the collegeboard or (more likely) your guidance counselor.</p>