<p>I was accused of "cheating" (it was really stupid and they won't believe me - having 2 index cards instead of 1 [i was taking two tests etc.]) anyways, I was accused of cheating today at a COMMUNITY COLLEGE (I'm taking anthropology there as a supplement class for my GPA) and now it seems it is going to go on my "record".</p>

<p>The question I have for CC is that "Is this "record" checked by colleges?" Does the community college (DVC) send the records of cheating to the high school I go to? I am going to be a senior and was just wondering how this stuff works out. I fully admit my retarded mistake that will ultimately affect my whole life (sadly) sigh...</p>

<p>If anyone could help out that'd be great.</p>


<p>You should probably expect to fail the class.</p>

<p>yea im trying to drop with a W in the class =\ just wondering how and if it will affect my college app</p>

<p>A W is better than an F.</p>

<p>If anyone would ask, all you would have to say about the W is that you realized you didn't have time for the course this summer.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>