Chechen Terrorists Enter the US from Mexico

<p>Intelligence reports: a group of 25 Chechen terrorists illegally entered the United States from Mexico. </p>

<p>Problem: Politically correct legislators do not wish to build a high wall between the US and Mexico and the US and Canada.</p>

<p>Solution: Protect our borders and kick out any illegal aliens. </p>

<p>Question: Are these Chechen terrorist heading for US schools?</p>

<p>Captured by aliens -- forced to eat Wild Duck.</p>

<p>Question: Which candidate in emphasizing a swift effort to better protect our boarders?</p>

<p>Answer: John Kerry</p>


<p>Question: Who would be stronger at National Security?</p>

<p>Answer: Who cares? If someone from outer space came to attack us (like Dragonball), neither Bush nor Kerry can do anything. So **** National Security. :)</p>

<p>don't worry kids, Dragonball is not real</p>

<p>Dragonball doesn't exist, however the Chechnyans do so i care :)</p>

<p>Hmm i didnt hear this news, thanks for bringing it up.</p>

<p>Captain Logic, you sound EXACTLY like this kid that's in one of my classes at HS. Every single day he talks about the disastrous effects of open borders and that we should a) kick out all illegal aliens or b) kill them all because they're parasites. As to closing our borders, he suggests raising a militia and/or stationing the military in "compounds" along the border to annihilate everyone attempting to cross the border. He is completely serious, and this is only a sample of some of his more outlandish and absurd ideas (e.g. "nuke the middle east to get rid of the 'problem'")</p>

<p>Come on! Give me a break. Do you really believe that?. A chechen in Mexico would be even more noticeable than in the USA. I do not buy it at all.</p>

<p>This looks like something from the Nationstates forum.</p>

<p>mariana what you just said is like a quaterback throwing a stupid incerption to lose a playoff game in overtime.... he wants to take it back but just cant..</p>

<p>Here's an article from an investigative series which chronicles the illegal immigration of middle easterners via the Mexican border:</p>

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<p>It is possible.</p>