Check AP scores?

<p>I know that our AP scores are released to the schools today and that CMU would post them up somewhere. Anyone know where to go to see if they're up yet?</p>

<p>Hi Odeh,
CMU did not receive your scores today-- they will get them at about the time these arrive in snail mail at your house-- July 7-10 according to the college board. As you already know, you can call College Board today by phone and for an extra $9 hear your scores on the phone and for an extra $25 have them sent to CMU electronically rush (as in 48 hours)…but if you already paid for the test and listed CMU…rushing those scores will not do anything for you. It doesn’t allow you to register for classes any sooner. It doesn’t change anything-- so I don’t advise rushing your scores.</p>

<p>To see your AP credits at CMU online…go to SIO (same place you went to see your housing assignment). Under transcript credits, there’s a drop down box for AP Credit-- which is where your school/advisor will post things for you sometime mid to late July. varies by schools and is concurrent to the advising/course selection process. Do not worry- if they miss something, they fix it quickly. i.e. My D had someone post credit for Psychology instead of Physics-- wish is pretty funny-- it was obviously some drop down box listing things alphabetically and they entered the wrong thing. It was corrected without any delay.</p>

<p>Don’t forget to send the cmu AP Credit Assessment form in (due today and on the Forms page of “Now that I’m Enrolling”) if you haven’t already done so-- this helps them find what they want from College Board more quickly - but they’ll find it anyway even if you didn’t send the form. Each school also has a form to fill out during registration where you note AP classes as well- that helps your advisor help you select the right classes. </p>

<p>One thing that is expedited is math placement - the math department will move quickly to combine your AP scores with the math placement test you’ve taken to get you in the right class. If you got a 5 and have over a 40/42 - pretty much certain you’re in 259. All other combos of AP scores of 4 and placement 40 or less are rather iffy and hard to predict-- but most likely 122 or 123 if you’re in the mid to high 30s with a 4. </p>

<p>Again- SIO – under transcript, credits-- there is a drop down box and that’s where AP scores / credits post-- sometime Mid to Late July. </p>

<p>You can figure out in advance what classes you’re getting credit for by looking at AP Placement credit for your college. There should be little in the way of surprise…just check it by July 15 for accuracy.</p>

<p>Hope that helps…</p>

<p>Current students-- is that correct?</p>

<p>Thank you, mom2012and14, that was very helpful :)</p>

<p>mom2012and14, I just can’t seem to find transcript, credits on my SIO. I see the housing tab and all of that…but there isn’t any transcript, credits. Do you know where it is exactly?</p>

<p>this is the same for IB right?</p>

<p>Hey, I have a question. What about the Ap scores from junior year. Does Carnegie Mellon get those scores as well?</p>

<p>@ lucky
Yes, same rule for IB-- it will show up on the CMU page once they process it…don’t worry - it will be done by the time your school removes the OLR hold and allows you to register (or for some schools does it for you). You will see it at the latest August 1…it’s really not going to stop anything one way or the other for registration purposes. And I’m certain the Math depratment will have their hands on your AP score report quickly to get the math placement complete. My S took the test two weeks ago and still nothing showing on Blackboard for math placement. </p>

Thankfully College Board isn’t double dipping- one fee sends your whole record of AP scores all years included. When you registered for AP exams- if you listed CMU – which you probably did, they get the full report. You can fax a copy of last year’s score report to your advisor if you want to get things rolling. If you somehow forgot to include CMU, then fill out the form from college board or do it by phone-- $15.</p>

<p>@ tennis star–
Sorry - neither S or D is home-- and I don’t keep their passwords …so I cannot see a screen shot to help you…but if I remember, there’s a series of tabs along the top - maybe one for “academics” or something along that line…once in there it shows credits to date and there’s a specific drop down box to see AP credits posted…I know it’s on the left side of the page close to the line graph showing GPAs…S was looking for it a few days ago…took him a while to find it …but it was there, and it was blank!
CURRENT STUDENT-- can someone help with detailed screen shot perhaps?</p>

<p>Hope everyone is having a great summer-- !</p>

<p>thank you, you too.</p>

<p>mom2012and14 I think I got what you’re saying. It probably just isn’t updated as yet. There is a link for academic info…but the drop down box is completely blank. Hopefully it should be updated soon. Thanks!</p>

<p>checked them with collegeboard, they were not good</p>

<p>Don’t worry about it garage…it’s not a race to the finish line…
It’s perfectly fine to take 120 or 122 – the curriculum makes that assumption for CIT, SCS and MCS…you will graduate on time and still have plenty of room for minors if desired.
Many CMU students start with these classes.</p>

<p>The credits are now listed, but how do you know what scores you got. I don’t see any credits for calculus, does that mean I got below a 4? I am freaking out. Do they make any mistakes. I am really surprise that i got a four for chemistry according to the credits. What calculus would I be placed in if I got a 45 out 48 on placement exam and a 3 on BC (fearing the worse)</p>

<p>Usually credit is only awarded if you get a 4 or 5 on the AP exam. This is usually true across all colleges.</p>

<p>@KZ-- Bossr is unfortunately correct…you must have a 4 or 5 to earn the credit for calc.</p>

<p>That said - they ABSOLUTELY make mistakes…1500 students of stuff hitting the HUB.
So you have a few options…wait for the AP scores to arrive in the mail (mid July but could come late July-- it’s actually mailed by zip code.) or call College Board -it’s $8 or $9 and hear your scores by phone-- if there’s an error, contact your advisor in your school and it will be fixed.
I think I mentioned in another post that my D had an error - they gave her credit for Pysch instead of Physics (which is pretty funny)-- so clearly a drop down menu of sorts listed alphabetically,it’s possible an error was made.</p>

<p>Also-- it could be possible that they are doing it in dribbles…so maybe math isn’t yet posted to SIO but other stuff is posted…that is equally possible. We all endured the errors on the “Where Am I page”…people can may mistakes…but don’t worry it will be fixed-- but you have to tell someone to fix it…</p>

<p>A 45 is a very high score-- so it seems really unlikely you also got a 3…so check with college board first.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Math scores don’t seem to be up yet. Haven’t got mine either…but I know I got a 5 in BC Calc this year (Called CollegeBoard) . So KZ15…don’t worry.</p>

<p>For some reason, I do seem to have credit for everything I should have credit for, including math. Maybe it’s just not up for everyone yet? I did already receive my AP scores in the mail, though - I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Here’s what mine looks like: </p>


<p>I don’t think it’s up for everyone, my drop down menu is still empty.</p>

<p>My AP credit is posted on SIO-- and it shows the math classes for both calc classes. I got a 5 on BC Calc.</p>

<p>Blackboard does NOT show the class I’m placed into yet-- but since I got the AP credit, I assume I can register for 259…just waiting for further instructors from the Advisor.</p>

<p>Is there somewhere in blackboard showing the class placement?</p>

<p>I am really mad right now. I only got a 4 on BC calculus, but I scored a 45 out of 48 on placement exam. Do you guys think I can get placed into 21-259</p>

<p>Anyone in CIT get a math placement yet? Like CMUGUY2014, AP credit is posted on SIO, but don’t have a math placement yet. Anyone know if the placement will be on blackboard or somewhere else and when?</p>