Check is the mail!

<p>After searching and soul searching my dd committed to Ringling today! She is so excited and can not wait to go. It is far from home, but a great place for me to visit during the winter months. Many, many thanks to Colcon for all of her information and support!</p>

<p>Congratulations to you and your D! Enjoy your packing for Florida and planning for college.</p>

<p>Congrats, and welcome to our wonderful weather!! It is in the 80's down here now, and hopefully your D will be back up north when it's 95 day after day after day after day.....</p>

<p>Thanks to you both. Redbug, we had such hot weather last summer, it was similar to Florida. I am the one who hates the humidity; dd went to camp at Sea World for a few years, so she knows what she is getting into. I told her that I might not be dropping her off after this first year, but would happily visit come October, etc!</p>

<p>Now sit back, relax, and watch all the other kids sweat out acceptances until April.</p>


<p>(...and stick around here...)</p>

It is nice to settle done early.</p>

<p>Hi phillyartmom, How exciting! What a great feeling to know where she is headed! Feel free to ask anything about dorms, moving in, orientation, hotels, etc., and don't worry about the you said, our NE humidity can be just as great as in FL, and everything there is air-conditioned (dorms, classrooms, studios, etc.). We'll have to make plans to meet for dinner! Congrats to your daughter; she is in for quite an adventure!</p>

<p>Thanks Colcon, you know I will be bugging you! I am hoping to meet you and of course both my dd and I look forward to meeting your wonderful dd!</p>

<p>@Phillyartmom Do you think you can post your Daughter's portfolio. If it's confidential then I understand. I just want to see the pieces she created that accepted her to Ringling.</p>

<p>Make sure she does not get rid of her sweaters and a warm coat. It can get chilly here in the winter, sometimes into the 30's. When I first moved here, I made the mistake of getting rid of my nice warm sweaters, figuring I was done with those - wrong. You are right, everything here is air-conditioned. Unfortunately, they run it all year round. 50 outside, and they still have the air on. I never go into a restaruant or Wal-mart without at least a sweatshirt. I've been in restaurants so cold, I've left, you couldn't even eat in there. In my office, you have to wear 2 sweaters and have a space heater because they won't turn the air off.</p>

<p>Hi Goodfornothin. I don't feel comfortable posting her portfolio. I will say that she has lots of drawing from real life, including figure drawing in the portfolio. She is also strong with lines and color. Dd and dh visited Ringling last summer and dd had a positive review. Then she went to National Portfolio Day this year and had Ringling review again before she sent it off. Each time, she took the comments so that she could send the work that the admissions counselor thought was her best. She did this for each of the schools she applied to, and in some instances, one admissions counselor would hate a piece and the next would say it was their favorite! What can you do? That being said, I don't really think what dd's portfolio looks like is that helpful to anyone else.</p>

<p>Redbug, thanks for the reminder. She knows to bring some warm clothes, but nothing like she needs here. I won't buy her anymore wool or corduroy (not that she wears that!)</p>

<p>Hi phillyartmom, I hope you know you aren't bugging me in the least! It will be fun to meet in person!</p>

<p>goodfornothing, you can get terrific portfolio advice right on the main Ringling web page at Ringling</a> College of Art and Design: Home . If you have facebook you can also access the applicant's page where many hopefuls post their portfolios. I believe it is still a public page. Hope that helps!</p>

<p>@colcon2010 Ha I wasn't really looking for advice for portfolio since I'm already committed to RISD. Thanks anyways. </p>

<p>I want to see how good her portfolio was how phillyartmom is describing it from Ringling's reviewers.</p>

<p>Goodfornothin. Enjoy RISD. One of my dd's good friends from her time at SAIC is going there too. Providence is a great city. We spent a lot of time there when we lived in New England. </p>

<p>As for my dd's portfolio, I am a little surprised at your motivation regarding my dd's portfolio. I had said nothing in particular about her portfolio until you asked and can't understand why you feel the need to judge it. I have found the people on this particular forum very helpful and rarely judgementat. As for my dd, all I ever said was that she was going to Ringling and that it was her first choice. For what it is worth, her portfolio was accepted at every school she applied to and a few others.</p>

<p>Colcon, I know that I am not bugging you! You have been so helpful. Thanks again!</p>

<p>Congrats to your dd phillyartmom! I'm going for transfer into illustration myself so I hope she has fun. Ringling sounds like a wonderful school (being born and raised in CA, I've never seen it but I always hear such great things about it.)</p>

<p>Chibi, we are originally from CA too. It is odd for me that my dd, born in CA would end up in Florida! Who knew...</p>

<p>Goodfornothing--if you want to see Ringling work, look up their website! There are plenty of "hopefuls" who post their work on forums if you are interested.</p>

<p>Phillyartmom--Welcome to Ringling! I hope your D loves it as much as mine did!</p>

<p>Thanks Gouf!</p>