Check These Tips on Managing College Textbook Costs

Save money on college textbooks with these quick tips.

Step 1 - Amazon:

Management Science: Management Science: An Anthology: $850 (Amazon Used - $36)

Film Studies: History of Early Film: $740 (Amazon New - $99)

Economics: Environment in the New Global Economy: $510 (Amazon Used - $40)

Media and Communication: Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications: $1,215 (Amazon New - $298)

Chemistry: Solid State Chemistry and Its Applications: $500 (Amazon New - $49)

Physical Sciences and Engineering: Advanced Semiconductor and Organic Nano-Techniques: $570 (Amazon New - $106)

My D has been super lucky on the text book front. Most of her professor’s have written their own course materials/texts which they share for free. Usually there is one e-book she’ll need to buy a code for but that’s been about it. Much different than when I went to school.

My D hasn’t been that fortunate, but certainly hasn’t had the (cherry-picked) $500-1400 books in the article. Books, lab supplies, etc., have typically been $500-700 per semester, as expected.

I remember thinking $70-90 per book, $300-350 per semester, was insane as a student 30+ years ago, so our family data points show a below inflation increase.

Not that they’re cheap…