Check this out, goog info about life in CMU

<p>This morning as I look for a blog to read I stumbled upon these blogs from two CMU students. After reading a few entries, I thought it could help prospective students to have a glimpse into the life of an engineer and CS student at CMU.
I’m not sure I can post the link here. So google wordpress followed by the blog name.</p>

<p>The first blog is called : Soundly Engineered Words
This blogger has been writing since before college, and there are many blogs not about college, however he seems to be quite an interesting guy. If you read (and watch the videos) from his today’s blog until early January you learn about his classes, interests, clubs and friends.</p>

<p>I found the second blog while reading the first blogger, it is called:
struct by_lightning { … };
It is from a freshman at SCS, and he writes among other things about programming. If google doesn't find him, check the Jan 29 entry from the first blogger for the link.</p>

<p>Forgot to mention, if you are short on time check the January 5th blog from Soundly Engineered Words, a good first semester review.</p>