Checked off the wrong topic on CommonApp?

<p>I checked off the one about diversity when I meant to click the topic underneath it (Topic of Your Choice)
Do you think I should email all my schools about the mistake or something?</p>

<p>I doubt this will be a big deal, as so many people just write about a topic of their choice that many admissions officers might just start reading the essay. I'm of the opinion that the first five (?) topic options are less options and more suggestions for people having trouble finding a topic (or to give people an idea of the kinds of things colleges might want to hear about), On the other hand, if they do look at the topic and the essay looks like it might have been intended for that topic (rather than an essay that's clearly a different topic), they might be a bit confused, in which case it might help to tell them.</p>

<p>I think that ultimately, though, it's not a big deal, and that if you didn't tell point it out either they wouldn't notice or it wouldn't matter. A good essay is a good essay. A bad essay is a bad essay.</p>