Checking application status on Butler's Website?

<p>When I log in using the username and password they sent me, it automatically takes me to this page:</p>

<p>System Error, contact your IT department for help...</p>

<p>We apologize for the inconvenience. Contact the admission office if you still have problems using this application. Thank you for visiting our site.
Error Message:</p>

<p>System Error, contact your IT department for help... </p>

<p>I'm worried I won't be able to see my decision when it's released next Thursday.
Is anyone else having this problem? Does it mean that my username and password are wrong?

<p>did you get the link from the email?
because i did, and that one gave me the same answer.
i have been checking on the link that they sent me back in like september</p>

<p>IT had a system error the other day - blackboard and my.butler (where we check our grades and homework assignments and where we register for classes and financial aid etc.) were down for awhile, and it may have effected whatever you guys use to check your application status. Call the IT department and they'll give you an official answer and try to help you with your problem. They're really helpful!</p>