Checking online for CSULA acceptance?

<p>I recently checked on the Cal State LA website on my application status... There is a green checkmark in a box next to my application info... Does this mean my application has been admitted or that I have been admitted into CSULA? The options are a Green Checkmark for "Admitted" a Green Circle for "Completed" and a Yellow Circle for an "incomplete" application... So by getting a green checkmark does this mean that I have been admitted? Thanks...</p>

<p>i have the same question! did you by any chance get to figure it out?</p>

<p>same thing happened with to except with nothing on my to do list. did u find out if you got in or not?</p>

<p>I have this same question! Damn their ambiguity...</p>

<p>same here .. my application status there is a green checkmark in a box for "Admitted. I don't know what this means ....</p>

<p>omg!!! me too... so has anyone figured out what it means????</p>

<p>it means conditionally admitted. I'm trying to pay $$$ for intent to register but won't recognize my CIN number ??? i have no idea what is going on ..... maybe it's too early.
Anyone who gone through tell us what is going on? or what to expect in few monthes???</p>

<p>well im not sure if its the same but for csu fullerton it says that you have to accept admission and pay enrollment deposit begining march 15th- may 1st. i hope that helps(:</p>

<p>okay i had that same symbol, but nothing on my to-do's or hold's, then recently it changed to incomplete, and on my holds "admissions" for the reason "documentation required" and the to-do's were to send in my transcripts by july 13th. so, it seems to me like i was conditionally accepted, as long as i provide that. for sfsu it said i was conditionally accepted as long as i provided transcripts too, but it was much more clear about it.. o.o</p>

<p>same here,.... recently admitted changed to incomplete, is that means..... i am no longer admitted??? I really want to go to this school.</p>