Checking status on-line

<p>My D tried to check her application/admission status on-line this morning (she has done this before) and it does not seem to be available anymore. Anyone else get this??</p>

<p>I just checked mine after reading your post and it's not available to me either. </p>

<p>Maybe they are updating the site, or maybe it means we have nothing missing at this point. Either way, I don't think they announce decisions online.</p>

<p>They don't. It explicitly states that admissions will be notified by mail, not online.</p>

<p>My online status still works. What do you make of that?</p>

<p>Is the "Applicants check for missing items" link the one everyone is talking about?</p>

<p>When my S and I click the link for "Applicants check for missing items" we just see a message that says:</p>

<p>During the month of February, we sent a number missing item notification emails to students with incomplete applications. If you did not receive a missing item email, please consider your application complete. If you did receive one of those emails and would like to check the status of your application, please contact the admissions office at <a href=""></a> or 610-758-3100.</p>

<p>Whoa, mine does not say that. It still shows everything that was received. Nothing is missing; I did not receive an email regarding missing pieces. Well, I did receive a letter regarding missing pieces of financial aid. Fortunately, I have an apology letter from the US Postal service saying my 2-3 day Priority Mail actually took 2 weeks.</p>

<p>You know, I received an email from my regional admissions counselor that said she finished reviewing my file on January 8th, so it must have all been there. I never thought I would obsess over this, but the waiting is getting to me. I am ready to move on; high school is getting old.</p>

<p>My son's link says the exact same as soproudofkids.</p>

<p>Spoke with admission to day. Was told April 21 is the day decisions will come out.</p>

<p>Yeah...I can't check my status anymore either. Mine link also says the eexact same as soproudofkids.</p>

<p>April 21, and they are expecting a decision by May 1st? That doesn't give people much time who live thousands of miles away to get to the school.</p>

<p>sammy 2 must have meant march 21st. no school waits till mid april. i wonder who would be in the admission office on a sunday. maybe i will call them today and double check ........</p>

<p>5757, let us know what you find out, OK? April 21 sounds very late - you would think they would lose out on students making their final plans by then.</p>

<p>i called and was told we would get letters the week of march 24th!</p>

<p>Week of 3/24 ... that's the same I was told.</p>

<p>Hi.. I tried to correct myself, but for some reason it hadnt post. It was to be March 21, not April. sorry to all</p>

<p>hey mine says the same. i don't understand how we're meant to check our status online. i mean i haven't received a username or password or anything....has anyone else? or does lehigh rly hate me? someone in school mentioned they were gonna let you know online on 24th march. i dont get how this can be possible when there isn't even a link...</p>

<p>nash, you should check your spam and if its not there call them. you should have a user name and a password that they e-mailed you. they will mail decisions on march 21st. i called and ask. right on the status page it clearly states:
Final decisions will not be posted online.</p>

<p>I know for a fact that lehigh says they do NOT post their decition online.</p>

<p>Are they going to email? Hello, 21st march is Good Friday. You mean to say they will be working on that day.</p>

I don't think that that many schools close on Good Friday.</p>