Checking Work on the Math

<p>Hey, does anyone have a good procedure for checking work on the math when you're done with the problems? I can almost always figure out the hard problems, but I'm prone to make careless mistakes, like forgetting to multiply or divide something by two. I know it might just be a matter of absolute aptitude and I can't change it, but does anyone have any tips for not screwing up?</p>

<p>just plug in the answer you got into the original problem to make sure it works. and, since most of it's multiple choice, if you have more time, plug in the other answers to convince yourself that they don't work :)</p>

<p>After you think youve gotten the answer, dont bubble it in yet, instead reread the question and make sure you used the correct numbers, obtained the answer they were asking for, and saw key words like EVEN or ODD, etc.
I have a problem with careless mistakes also and just plain old misreading the question or leaving something out, just thought of that strategy recently, havent actually applied it yet.
Good luck</p>

<p>Just briefly go over your algebra steps and stuff... that's where you're most likely to mess up...</p>