Chem 102 professors

<p>Which should I choose in terms of easiness? List or Phillips. Actually I want Todd but the class is full (even the wait-list capacity of 12 students). Is it likely that after first days, may students will drop Todd and I can get the course?</p>

<p>Any comments about Richard Burstein for Math 155a?</p>


<p>and how they compare to Todd (Chem102a)</p>

<p>I don't know about Todd, but you really can't go wrong with List or Phillips. List is a little more eccentric. Phillips is more by the book.</p>

<p>So are they both easy with grades?</p>

<p>Tests are standardized so it doesn't matter who you take really. It all boils down to teaching style I suppose. There are several threads on this already if I'm not mistaken.</p>

<p>I took Chem 102A last fall with Todd. She's great - try to get her if you can. There's a chance that some people will drop during add/drop once we get to school. If you haven't noticed already YES has this glitch where right after one person drops the class it will show one open seat and you can add the class, even if there is a waitlist. So just watch that really closely once classes start. I feel your pain - trying to get into the BSCI lecture and French class I want. </p>

<p>Between List and Phillips, go with Phillips. They guest lectured for Todd once each last fall, and List was horrific. Everyone I knew who had him hated him. Phillips wasn't great but wasn't bad. Chem is a crapshoot - Todd is really the only one who can help you if you aren't naturally good at it. Even if you can't enroll in her class I would suggest attending her lecture since she gives great notes (like printed out notes that you fill in - so useful for paying attention) - a lot of my friends in other classes did that last year, especially since the tests are standardized (each professor creates one test). Just make sure the lecture you are enrolled in doesn't take attendance (or have someone bring your clicker). I ended up with a 97 in Todd's class last fall before the 2 or 3 point scale, but I had taken AP Chem in HS (got a 4 on the exam, no studying). I honestly think the lab part of Chem is worse than the lecture.</p>

<p>So is it possible for me to attend Todd's lecture if I am from List' s ? I can just come to that lecture, and that's all ?</p>

<p>They don't take roll. You could.</p>

<p>What about Professor Zoorob, compared to List ? I went to ratemyprofessors but did not receive much info.</p>