Chem 1211k vs Chem 1310 and more class Qs

<p>What is the difference between these two? I am an incoming freshman for fall 2011 for ChBE. I see that ChBE majors take Chem 1310 and Chem 1311 while the chem majors take Chem 1211k and Chem 1212k. Why is there a difference?</p>

<p>Also, I have credit for calc 1, calc 2, calc 3, bio 1510, and chem 1310+1211k. Should I use them all?</p>

<p>Okay, your first question:</p>

<p>Chem 1211K is new this year. It is recommended for all chemistry majors, biomedical engineering majors, and pre-health students. Chem 1211K and 1212K, taken together, cover the same curriculum that 1310 does, but covers it in greater detail. Chem 1211K (without 1212K) can be used in place of 1310 for most majors. 1311 expands on many of the topics from 1310 that are important, but simply wouldn't fit into one semester. Why is there a difference? Good question, I don't know. The curriculum is really very similar.</p>

<p>Regarding the exercising of your credit: There is no easy class at Tech. Take the credit and move on, because you may find that when you repeat the class, you still might not get an A.</p>

<p>Thanks for your reply. I guess I'll ask my major advisor on which chem is actually correct.</p>

<p>Yea I was talking to my AP chem teacher, he said to retake general chem in college. I said "but it's Tech!" he said "I'm sure you'll do fine" but I was skeptical cause it's Tech...heh thanks!</p>

<p>They're (so is ours, though we do a lot more of the quantum/orbital stuff) gen. chem. (1310) is about the same as AP. You've been exposed to the info., so you should be able to keep up. I took AP and I've seen some 1310 exams and while 1310 is clearly not easy, it does still cover most of what AP did. If you are pre-med. I bet they would let you take 1212K (b/c the 1211/1212 is supposedly designed for pre-meds, so I'm guessing it works like our 141/142). The only issue with gen. chem. at Tech and even here is that they go crazy with the topics that most people hated in AP like Rate Laws and Acid/Bases titrations and buffers. These problems tend to be more plentiful and perhaps more tricky/difficult than in AP. Don't assume everything is super-duper hard at a top school like Tech. Some classes are challenging, but doable (can easily get at least B). I would say skip 1310 or 1211K. You may not be challenged. But if it works like here, a lot of people who APed out have trouble a the beginning of 2nd semester. Some recover, some don't. If you feel as if you did not master/retain the more mathematically based concepts like those mentioned, you may indeed want to retake it before jumping straight into more of it.<br>
As for bio 1, I sat in with a friend who is technically a "freshmen", and it's not hard at all, mainly because it spends a great deal focusing on evolution/evolutionary patterns and much less on cell/molecular biology and genetics. I actually thought it was easier than ours at its easiest (but we're the pre-med school so I guess one would expect that). Also 1510 was extremely boring, my friend just sat there and played his gameboy the whole time and took the clicker quizzes and got an A. You should probably AP out.</p>

<p>im not premed but actually, i contacted the ChBE advisor. so for anyone else who is wondering, 1211k/1211k actually replaced 1310/1311/1312 for ChBE majors. i liked rate laws, but i did hate acid base titrations and buffers. you guys know if ill need a lot of that in future chem/chemE classes? and with a 5, id get credit for 1310, 4 gets credit for 1211k, so i assume i get credit for both. they said with a 5 and placement test, i can place out of 1212k too!</p>

<p>awesome i think i'll probably AP out of all these. thanks!</p>

<p>Yeah, AP out if you can. I was thinking they ran on the same policy as we did, where a 5 only exempts the 1st semester. Would be nice if it exempted both, then less people take it, and perhaps take things like organic chem (did this, and it was awesome). or quantitative analysis as a freshmen instead.</p>

<p>It is possible to test out of 1212K as well, allowing you to go straight into organic chemistry. This is all handled at the beginning of the semester. I understand that the test is basically a 1212K final.</p>

<p>Cool! Are there any past finals for chem 1212k online?</p>

<p>You could also take Chem 1211K and Chem 1212K at a local community college. I did it as a junior in high school, loved it, and still got credit from Tech. So, as an upcoming freshman, I get the lucky, wonderfully blessed deal of Orgo during my first year!!!! cheers (a little sarcasm)</p>

<p>It's a little late for that, I'm going to Tech in the fall!</p>

<p>Dude, orgo. is awesome (seriously, I love it, even though my prof. was brutal. Orgo here=not standardized) lol. So even though orgo. and gen. chem. are vaguely related and certainly not taught similarly, they have to take that exam? Strange. Here, the freshmen only orgo. prof. just sends invitations to those with 5s and letters admitting that his class is basically harder than almost all the non-freshmen sections (this is absolutely true, it's significantly harder) to prompt the students to think about it. The students can also choose a non-freshmen section. Many students at the end of freshmen orgo. realize they should have done that to save their pride and GPA lol. Basically, it's a choice. Although, it could be fair considering, that if students who don't know acid/base titration and stuff enroll in orgo, they'll be lost in lab.</p>

<p>oh boy i'll really have to brush up on my titration stuff :S</p>

<p>yeah, I'm good at doing the actual math, but I manage to overshoot despite this because I'm so clumsy. I remember walking into orgo. lab on the second day (mines was twice a week) and seeing the titration apparatus set up and going "oh sh**!" Luckily I was in the special lab section where the freshmen orgo. prof. himself is in charge of this and is in the lab the whole time. It's really good as it is more of a research based lab. The experiments are not expected to turn out a particular way. You try something and hope for results whereas regular orgo. lab is somewhat rigorous, but is essentially cookbook chem. It made it much easier to access the help of my fellow students and the prof. In AP chem, during lab periods I would always avoid things like titration and ask my partner to do it in exchange for me doing the data analysis (I am excellent at this). But when I got here, I had to confront my fears head on as it was a series of individual projects. But trust me, you'll get the hang of it. Don't worry too much, you'll just have a slight learning curve.</p>

<p>Which is easier, 1211k or 1310?</p>

<p>ChBE take 1211/1212. 1311 no longer exists at Tech as of Fall 2010.
Chem 1211k is harder because it is more detailed. Chem 1310 is mainly for engineers (ME,AE,EE) that do not require a lot of chemistry. I was in the same situation but I decided to take Chem 1212k because I didn't want to go straight into Orgo. The class itself was like AP chem (more detailed) with some inorganic stuff but overall not that bad. But the labs sucked. Its worth taking credit just to not have to spend the hours on lab reports.I am also ChBE. It really annoys me when people ask if ChBe at Tech is hard. The answer is yes.</p>