Chem 130/125/126

<p>How time consuming are these courses? Including labs...obviously.</p>

<p>Labs are hit or miss. Miss for me.</p>

<p>Care to expand on that?</p>

<p>125 is just awful</p>

<p>Hated my condescending GSI and lab partners. Instead of having three other partners, I only had two. And those two were the equivalent of half a person. Tried to make small talk with them, but that failed miserably. I wasn't that good at chem, but I tried to make an effort in that class (unlike my partners). GSI would take off random points on labs, such as -.34 or my favorite, -.1 on a 5 point prelab. He had illegible handwriting, so not only did he always mark me off, I wouldn't know what he marked me off for. He would write, "-.273746 fora sdlfasf not a fasdfljkf." So I would never understand what he was saying. Would take off points because he didn't like our style of the graph. I was proud of my lab partners when they would go through a whole lab without breaking something. Lab reports were the worst to do because most of the time the third partner wouldn't show up, and if he did, he didn't really contribute. In case you couldn't tell, I am very bitter about this class haha. I have heard others having an easy time though.</p>

<p>Haha, wow. Well...</p>

<p>I enjoy venting about this class.</p>

<p>I got -0.08 once
no joke</p>

<p>do a forum search on this. just pray that ur lab partners are hardworking lol</p>

<p>Lol, but a -0.08 or -.1 doesn't sound that bad at all. Or do they add up?</p>

<p>It does add up. You have to write like a 5 paragraph response to some questions. If your answer is not verbatim with the answer key, they'll just mark everything wrong.</p>

<p>yeah some GSI's are really btchy too. The exams are really easy though, just practice the past exams they give u, it's the same questions.</p>

<p>Im almost positive that the class is curved to a C+ or C, ooh and i have a friend hwo had a 4.0 in COE 2nd semester had a B in 125 1st sem..</p>

<p>Oh wow thats really messed up...what % of students get an A in that class? At least it's only 2 credits so it won't affect your GPA as much as the bigger classes right?</p>

<p>This is going to sound dumb, but what is meant by "the class is curved to a ....."?</p>

<p>It means the average grade in the class is that grade.</p>

<p>125 was the stupidest class I ever took. The grading scales were harsh and stupid. Sometimes I thought they were just taking off points just to do so. The class is retarded.</p>

<p>Wow... I'm glad I'm not the only person who feels this way about this joke of a class</p>

<p>Are physics labs any better?</p>

<p>They claim the amount of As are pre-determined for physics labs. (in terms of what it would be curved up to)
Definitely a lot less stressful in terms of partners, time required, relevance to other class, etc. Just know some time-saving shortcuts for excel and it shouldn't be too bad.</p>

<p>130- boring as **** but it's pretty hard if u didn't take it in high school. I am repeating it because I never attended lecture nor did I take Chem in high school nor did I do well in class. Don't. Make these mistakes.
125- got an A because. Y group mates were smart, and I just tagged along for the ride. You do not get to choose your teammates.</p>

<p>I'm taking 125 & 130 right now & I can say that 125 is pretty difficult if you don't have a good group. Luckily I've got some hardworking people in my group (we stayed up from 8pm to a little past 2am once doing a lab report, no joke) so it's going fine. I've heard exams are definitely a grade booster in the class, but unfortunately, labs are weighted more.<br>
I thought 130 is pretty easy so far, first exam wasn't bad at all.<br>
And our discussion GSI last week told us that some students went & complained or something about the easy quizzes & how they didn't prepared them for the chem 130 now everyone's quizzes are going to get harder & the actual instructors of chem 130 will grade all the GSIs quizzes more harshly...</p>