Chem 14D Material

<p>Is the Chem 14D material similar to Chem 14C material? </p>

<p>I've had Hardinger for 14C ths past quarter, and he's also teaching 14D for fall. However, I have a time conflict with 14D.</p>

<p>How screwed will I be if I skip 14D fall? Should both be taken consecutively?</p>

<p>THANKS GUYS <3</p>

<p>let me guess it overlaps with the final with the easy physics prof you want to take :)</p>

<p>when i saw that oh man..i was ticked lol</p>

<p>would this professor happen to be maha?</p>


<p>Chem 30B's lecture AND final is at the same time as Physics 6A Lec 3. It's like they know who most of the people who need to take that class and put the good teacher at that time to make people choose.</p>

<p>HAHAH yeah, I want to take Physics 6A. I could also use a break from chemistry, blah.</p>

<p>Help me out guys! Which one do I pick?!</p>

<p>i skipped a quarter between c and d and i was fine, but i didn't have hardinger for chem 14d (therefore it was actually better because the prof that replaced him was nicer and as effective imo). i know that chem 14d in winter gets filled up reallyyy quickly, i think (or that's how it was during the most recently winter quarter).</p>

<p>ps. a lot of people don't take things in series back to back because they can't get into classes a lot of the time to allow for that....</p>

therefore it was actually better because the prof that replaced him was nicer and as effective imo


<p>HAHAHA. are you serious? well I guess that's your opinion but A LOT of my friends hated garg (that's the teacher that taught it spring quarter). HARDINGER IS WAY BETTER, TRUST ME. it was garg's first time teaching and he didn't really know how to go about it, i guess. my friends who got A's in hardinger's chem 14c got below C's on midterms (his averages was around 60's, mind you). some people still did great though, so who knows.. </p>

<p>yes, hardinger did go into detail, but i actually loved the way he taught it.. it was pretty much the same as chem 14c but a bit harder... he's also really organized.</p>

<p>and as for people taking series back to back, that's actually the norm.. maybe for LS classes or chem/physics it's not back to back, but for math, for example, it is..</p>

<p>anyways i'd say do physics!</p>

<p>you dont need to know much from 14C for 14D. its all mechanisms, so you just need to know about resonance, conjugation, etc, so its ok to take a break. no spectroscopy or biological molecules...</p>

<p>@cali -- that's weird, because everyone that i know that took him liked him a lot o_O'' i was under the impression that everyone in the class generally liked him. i liked garg better because he was less detail oriented and more about application of the stuff. hardinger's class seemed to test a lot of stuff that you don't really use IRL but may be interesting to some. i did better in hardinger's chem 14c class, and garg's class did dent my gpa a bit, but i still like garg over hardinger. i really think garg was really prepared for the class and the curve seemed pretty fine imo. i think his tests were realllyyy straight forward and you just had to know the stuff really well in order to not make stupid mistakes and get deducted. the final had an average of a 78-ish.</p>

<p>i did like the way hardinger taught but it seemed to be a lot of busy work, perhaps too much. i felt like i learned a lot because he provided the materials for it, so it was mainly self learning. for garg, i felt that he provided everything that you needed to know in lecture.</p>

<p>in addition, garg is doing some pretty cool stuff in his research and has a nice lab... so yeah.</p>

<p>Maha is no longer teaching physics 6a :(</p>

<p>maha was my least favorite physics professor...she was too involved....physics and math profs should be old, grumpy, and brilliant men who are terrible at teaching.</p>

<p>Lol maha bailed. Finally some justice for those of us with late enrollment times. </p>

<p>Though, the true loser is Coroniti, who had a measly 15 enrolled students a couple days ago and has yet to fill the class to capacity as of today.</p>

<p>I am one of those unfortunate ones with a really late first pass and ended up with Coroniti. I guess I should really enjoy summer now because Fall is gonna suck. :/</p>