Chem 3AL lecture?

<p>Is there actually a lecture for Chem 3AL? When I took Chem 1AL there was a lecture component that didn't actually exist. I was wondering if it was the same case for Chem 3AL.</p>

<p>Yes, there is an actual lecture for 3AL. There’s an exam for it as well.</p>

<p>Would you recommend that I go to the lecture, or is it not really necessary?</p>

<p>To be honest, I didn’t go to a single lecture for 3AL. I went to maybe two lectures for 3BL and gave up because I would stop paying attention by the 5 minute mark. I did fairly well in both classes.</p>

<p>A lot of the stuff is in the lab manual. Just make sure you read about everything that’s relevant to your lab before hand. The lab exams are fairly easy, and if you do well on the labs then you’ll only have to get 15-20 points at most to get an A (it’s usually 30 easy multiple choice questions). If you don’t want to read, you can just sit through lecture for an hour a week because they go over the same material. You should probably go to lecture for the NMR stuff towards the end of the semester though, because the book doesn’t explicitly give you the little helpful hints that the professors do.</p>