Chem 3b/3BL with Bio 1A/1AL Fall '10???

<p>Is it suicidal to take BOTH Chem 3b/3BL with Bio 1A/1AL this fall? It's Vollhardt and Forte...</p>

<p>Yes it is.</p>

<p>Take Bio 1A/L in fall and Chem 3B/L in spring</p>

<p>Not suicidal, but only take on other easy course so you can focus on these two. It's not as bad as people make it out to be if you don't have that many classes and are willing to do the work. Midterms usually fall on same week for bio1a/chem3b</p>

<p>These will be the only two heavy courses I'm taking, since I'll only be taking another 2-unit course(probably decal?) to fulfill the unit requirement.
Has anyone tried this before (taking both 1a/l and 3b/l)? Or does anyone know the outcome of this combination? Please be a bit more descriptive.</p>


<p>doesn't matter that you will only be taking 12/13 units. It is still suicidal</p>

<p>Meh, I know several people who did those courses at once and got A's in all of them. I even know someone who took those + Math 53 and got A+'s in everything except the labs, in which he got regular A's. Of course, these people were all pretty smart and very hard working, so it depends on your work ethic. If you don't put in the time, it can probably easily turn "suicidal".</p>

<p>The outcome is as you make of it. It's tough and you are gonna be studying a lot just to stay on top of the material. I had a couple of people in my bio 1a lab last year doing this and they were kinda like zombies..well except for this one girl. Just don't go all panic mode (sure know I did when I had the physics and chem 3b final on the same day.....)</p>

<p>Chem 3B/Lab + Bio 1A/Lab is not uncommon as most students are choosing to get on track to take the mcat before they apply after junior yr. However, if you want to do well in these classes, then taking 13-14 units is recommended. If you are looking for a difficult combination in the sciences consider MCB 102 and 104 together or any other combinations. Lower division is still considered easy so don't stress it.</p>