Chem 3BL Final Grades

<p>Does anyone know what is going on with the grades? I haven't heard anything from my GSI or Viernes...</p>

<p>It was said in an ancient myth that he never bothered to calculate the grades and that the students in Chem 3BL (Spring 2010 CCN: 11392) must retake it the next semester, the semester after that, and the semester after that...until the skeleton notes are burned into their memories, they can recrystallize/TLC to 80% yield, calculate % yield without a GSI's help, and can properly draw a NMR spectrum.</p>

<p>so in other words....never</p>

<p>i can already do all of that though. simple as putting sprinkles on a donut.</p>

<p>i don't think i ever recrystallized over 40% :D</p>

<p>sad that my lab skillz = 0 but my testing skills apparently = 15 points to an A</p>

<p>wait what is going on.... they're still not up?</p>

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<p>hahaha thanks for that batman</p>

<p>damn anon, looks like you did it, very nice</p>

<p>thanks! let's keep it rollin...:D</p>

<p>is your streak still intact?</p>

<p>Last spring, they made a mistake when they initially posted it and due to BearFacts stupidity, we couldn't see our actual grades until they posted our unofficial transcripts</p>

<p>what was the mistake?</p>

<p>they put in the wrong grades for the wrong people.</p>

<p> you're making my doubt my grade!!!! :D</p>

<p>how long after they posted the wrong grades did they take them down?</p>

<p>less than three hours.</p>

<p>I woke up that morning, saw the wrong grade, then I logged onto Calmail to email Viernes that the grade was wrong, only to notice a bSpace notice that we were given wrong grades</p>

<p>@anon: yup lol. :)</p>