Chem 7L

<p>Hi, I've been waitlisted for 7L for fall since I registered back in spring. I know classes like 7L usually send emails to waitlisted students when they open new sections. </p>

<p>I was wondering if anyone waitlisted got an email yet? I'm just worried that they did open new sections and I didn't get an email... </p>

<p>Anyways, thanks in advance for anyone who can help!</p>

<p>I'm on the waitlist right now too and I didn't get anything either. Last time I checked nothing was open. If I hear anything I'll tell you as soon as I hear it just in case you don't.</p>

<p>Oh you are awesome! Thanks! And, I'll do likewise.
They fill up so fast. Harder and harder to stay on track haha.</p>

<p>Yeah no problem. I'm #1 on my waitlist though and I'm guessing you're not.</p>

<p>Nope, #6 now. Not planning on taking any chances though haha.
Thought, I dont know if they're planning on sending the emails before or after the freshmen registration...</p>

<p>Oh hey I saw this thread and was wondering do they normally open new sections and if so how many? And would a lot of people drop out 1st day? Just because if say I was like 13 on the waitlist would I have any shot at all of getting into the class?</p>

<p>^I don't know if they'll open new sections but my friend told me that people who don't show up for the first lab are automatically dropped, and that it happens to a number of people. Needless to say, being 13th on the waitlist doesn't sound too promising unfortunately. I just really don't have any experience with the class so I can't say for sure. Like I said though, if I see a new section open up, I'll immediately post it in here in case you guys look in here before you hear about it. Otherwise, my advice to you would be to have a backup class that you enroll in on the first day of classes just in case CHEM 7L doesn't work out.</p>

<p>according to the previous times chem7l was offered, they opened up either two new sections per LE times..or maybe it was one new section per LE. i dont remember right now</p>

<p>but from what i saw, at least two sections opened..i checked for like..five or six previous quarters?</p>

<p>i dont have hopes of getting in though ha ha -.-</p>

<h1>18. sigh</h1>

<p>$KingsElite$ - How many credits do you have in order to be #1 on waitlist? Are you junior?</p>

<p>I should take Chem 7L last Spring, but I couldn't.</p>

<p>This happened to me. Stay on the waitlist and check your emails at least 5 times a day this summer because they usually DO open up sections. I mastered their system so well that I can predict if they WILL open one up, and when the times/room would be. Just look at the class ID and if there are gaps between the chem7L one and the next class down on the schedule of classes, then there will be an opening eventually. Also check on the schedule for last year for 7L in fall quarter, make your comparisons (# of sections opened etc etc or which rooms were used) and you can figure out if they will open up sections for sure.</p>


<p>Yeah I'm a junior and I have 123 units. The funny thing was, I signed up at 12pm on my sign up day, and even coming down to the last minute I was uncertain if I wanted to take CHEM 7L this next quarter or a quarter after. I eventually decided on not taking it. Later that night something made me change my mind so I went to switch into it the next morning. The afternoon I signed up none of the sections were full. The next morning everything was full so that's why I'm on the wait list.</p>

<p>Since I'm double minoring (and still have Warren GEs left to take) I have spent a long time meticulously planning out my classes for the next two years so I can get every class that I want, but even then sometimes I change my mind at the last minute to better accommodate everything.</p>

<p>So I'm curious how the e-mail thing works exactly for the waitlisted people. Do people who are higher up on the waitlist get priority for the new sections that will be opened up? Or do they e-mail all the waitlisted people at once and it is like free-for-all?</p>

<p>@Rypto I'm honestly not sure, but my roommate was waitlisted somewhere around #7 or #8 during the spring quarter and managed to get into one of those secret unlisted sections. She woke me up at around 8am and told me to register for her since she was in class @__@ so make sure you check your email frequently.</p>

<p>When that email is sent out.. its first come first serve, which is why i emphasized to stay on top of it.</p>

<p>Haha i just clicked "add a new section" and put 723697 and now I am 6th on the waitlist for the new section B11 that doesn't even show up on Schedule of Classes.</p>

<p>I put in section 723682 and got 2nd on the waitlist for the unlisted section A11</p>

<p>Don't register to those unlisted section, until you get e-mail to do it.
I was register to secret section as #1 on waitlist before they sent me e-mail.
I lost my original place. Only people with e-mails got in, but my #1 on waitlist stayed for ever. I didn't get in.</p>

<p>the chem advisors back in spring told me that they wipe everyone off the waitlists for the secret sections before they open it again when they send us the emails. Right now, people can register for those, but they're not valid waitlists until we officially get the email.</p>

<p>When do you expect the emails will come?</p>