Chem ALEKS Question

<p>My son has worked through the modules and got a 95 on his final assessment. What now? Does he keep working until he gets 100? Does he stop now? Is the grade forwarded to the Chem department automatically? </p>

<p>btw...he thinks the modules will be very helpful in preparing him for the class. He took AP Bio and not AP Chem his senior year, so he was a little rusty and believes a review was in order.</p>

<p>I have the exact same issue. The chemistry class that I took in high school was minimal, and a joke really. On my initial test, I made a 30%, and I've worked my way up to a 95%. I'm going to keep working towards a 100%, because I've heard that some of the professors use that grade as a fraction of the semester grade. Either way, doing as many modules as possible will help him eventually, whether at the onset of class, or later in the semester. Just tell him to keep working on it. The chemistry department is indeed automatically forwarded the results, and as I said, some of the professors use these scores to give grades, especially Laude.</p>

<p>You can if you want to. It is also true that some professors use the ALEKS score as a homework grade or a quiz grade just as a nice little boost to your overall grade in your class. Plus, it is nice to prepare yourself before school starts so you can come into freshman chemistry with the basics mastered.</p>