Chem free v regular dorms

<p>i'll be a freshman in the fall and i'm filling out my housing form. I've been interested in living in a chem free dorm not because I'm against alcohol but because i'm a pretty big neat freak and also like peace and quiet at night. I'd rather to go to the parties instead of be in the dorm where theres the huge party all the time but I also don't want to miss out on the social life. I'm not a big partier but i don't want to be seen as weird. I also really don't want to live in a hillside dorm which i have the chance of getting if I don't choose chem free so I'm just wondering from people what its like living in a chem free dorm. If it really is a lot cleaner and quieter and if it extremely detracts from Colby's social life.</p>

<p>It really comes down to what dorm you live in in regards to cleanliness and noise. Yes, I would say that chem free dorms stand a better chance staying clean on the weekends. Chem free dorms are by no means quite, however, it really depends upon what type of neighbors you have.</p>

<p>I believe Marriner (Hillside) is chem free next year. Imo, it's one of the least desirable dorms on campus (behind Trewge [frat row]), due to both its relative distance from campus, and the fact that its behind a hill. So, chem free might not remove your chances of living in Hillside.</p>

<p>You will have equally good chances of getting in hillside whether you are choosing Chem Free or not. (Hillside is a nighrmare IMO). There are also dorms that are not chem-free that still remain fairly quiet and are nice (i.e. coburn, mary-low, pierce, pe-wi, go-ho). So I would choose the chem free option only if you want to live chem-free.</p>

<p>I know this may be too late to help OP, but just sayin' my daughter chose chem-free last year as a freshman (and will again this year) and was VERY happy about it--wonderful group of friends, lots of activities, pleasant dorm to go back to after parties. It's also the case that, unlike some other schools, it doesn't seem to carry any social stigma at Colby, which is nice.</p>