CHEM HELP... grad school or not

<p>I know this question has been asked many times but I feel my situation is different...</p>

<p>-I am currently studying at UCSB for a BS in chem
-my GPA is a bit less than a 3.0 (this is why I need help)
-I am not picky about salary as long as it will suffice to start a living</p>

<p>My biggest fear thus far is not being able to find a job after graduation because of the low GPA and so far I am not in a research lab at my school because my GPA has to be a 3.5 or above.</p>

<p>If I dont find a job, I would be forced to apply for grad school, even though I dont want to.
I truly want to be a chemist and I dont mind working for somebody else as long as I work for the right amount of pay (say 50K-60K). However because of my low GPA I still doubt that I would be accepted as a grad student.</p>

<p>1) Would it be possible for me to find a job as a chemist for a small company or even a big one?
2) If there's a high chance I can't find a job, is there a school that would accept my GPA? (specifically in California)</p>