Chem How many left out to get above 700?

<p>My daughter took the Chem Sat2 this a.m. She has been studying for several months generally scoring 750 in a variety of prep books. Today after the test she said there were 2 diagrams for subject matter she had never seen before. She ended up leaving 14 blank. She wants to cancel but my husband thinks she should wait for the score. She minumally wanted at least a 700. Any Advice appreciated! Also if she does not cancel can she take the SAT chem 2 again and can they take a the higher score.</p>

<p>She could still get a 700. Depending on which college she wants to go to, I recommend not canceling. If she's going to retake, might as well cancel though.</p>

<p>Do you know what her score would be if she just left 14 out because I am getting a 740, but does anyone know if there is a curve for each individual tests?</p>

<p>^Assuming she did not miss a lot of the ones she DID answer, she would be above a 700. Sorry, I don't know what the exact score would be</p>

<p>Apparently each test date has a slightly different curve.</p>

<p>I felt like I did terribly on the May chem test (skipped 2 and guessed on 5ish) and I still got a 750.</p>

<p>I wouldn't cancel her score because colleges look at the highest score.</p>

<p>@Mindy: I think you should read the Chem topic to see if yesterday test was easier or harder than usual. Then you can make a guess more easily. In Jan, I omitted 3 or 4 and got a 790 (a bit surprised) so I guess if she skipped 14 and did the rest well, she still can get a 700+</p>

<p>^Do you think you made any mistakes other than those that you skipped?</p>

<p>uhm... no... I dont think so. I'm pretty good in chem. I omitted some questions just because I could not understand words (i'm not native speaker) and the other ones were easy.</p>

<p>So does that me if she does not cancel then she can take it again? (Chem2)</p>

<p>^She can take it again either way.</p>