Chem lab 6BL

<p>How much work is Chem lab 6BL each week. 6BL has a one our lecture and 2 three hour labs each week. That is total of 7 hours. How much additional time each week is needed to study and do prelabs/postlabs etc. I am planning Spring schedule and would be helpful to know this. Thanks</p>

<p>I'm curious too. I heard it's a pretty cruel class.</p>

<p>I have a related question, so I hope it's alright to just ask here instead of making a new thread :)
Would it be a good idea to take CHEM 6CH, 6BL, PHYS 2B, and 2BL all in the same quarter? What about adding PHYS 1AL with these classes? or would that be wayy too many labs? (I'll be working 16-20hr/wk too)</p>

<p>well i know that phsyics one series ... the labs are super super easy... the prelabs will take you about ten minutes and writing the post lab... a max of like 20 minutes... i dont know anything about the two series...</p>

<p>i would say for chem lab... ok.... well basically i had work for about 5-8 hours on the harder labs later on in the quarter... some of my lab reports were about 7-8 pages... and its all hand written... so ... yeah chem lab sucks...
so... i would say that doing it with three other classes would be ok.. a little stressful... but dont procrastinate on doing the lab write ups and it shouldnt be terrible...</p>

<p>i guess your experience with it would also depend on how much lab work youve done in high school and how much you like chemistry...</p>

<p>thank you!
sorry, i meant to write PHYS 1B and 1BL.
I'm planning to take CHEM 6CH, 6BL, PHYS 1AL, 1B, and 1BL. But I don't know if that would be doable with work and everything.</p>

<p>... how are you going to take the A lab and the B lab at the same time...
i thought you have to take physics 1A with the A lab?</p>

<p>Because I already took phys 2A. Or at least, that's what I thought I could do...</p>

<p>How much challenge would be to take Chem 6BL lab if no Chem was taken in last 2 years. Last I had done Chem AP was in junior year high school and have opted out of Chem 6A/B/C series at UCSD (due to AP scores). Do quizzes/pre-post lab require lot of in-depth chem knowledge. I could try to refresh my chem knowledge, but it still has been some time since last Chem class . .</p>

<p>dont most people just copy the same lab reports from other ppl who've taken the class? at least thats what ive heard from the inner circles</p>

<p>Chem 6BL was my absolute least favorite class I've ever taken here so far. I was taking a full science/math load when I took it, and the amount of time I spent outside of class on 6BL was more than the time I spent outside of class on all of my other classes that quarter, combined. The grade I got in 6BL was also the lowest grade I've ever gotten in a science class...funny how that works out.</p>

<p>I hated 6BL. A lot. I essentially had the same experience as TwylaBloo. I took a bio lab the quarter after and it was a much, MUCH better experience...</p>

<p>Thanks for comments on Chem 6BL lab - it appears to be quite challenging. Any suggestions on what are good Bio labs. There are so many Bio labs to choose from and will appreciate some inputs.</p>

<p>6bl is completely manageable if you retain the basic knowledge from 6a & 6b and have somebody's old labs to "reference." and if you don't, you should really wait to take the class until you make friends with some 6bl veterans.</p>

<p>as for the bio labs, depends what you like. most people start off with bibc 103 (basic techniques), and from there on it can get kind of fun: cloning, frogs, etc ... what are your interests?</p>

<p>whats the funnest bio lab (just in general)?</p>

<p></a> :: View topic - human bio major. don't know what lab to take!!!</p>

<p>read that.</p>

<p>... not very helpful considering i know what bipn 105 is and either way, i have to take that class regardless. i want to know what some other GOOD labs are... bipn 105 is probably the gayest lab at ucsd....</p>

<p>i was wondering how much work chem 6BL requires too... and how important is a good lab partner in 6BL? like what if you're stuck with someone that does nothing?</p>

<p>how much work chem 6BL requires?</p>



<p>All the sections are full....and I'm a freshman now....I guess I have to take it next year. Ugh.</p>

<p>that's par for the course. </p>

<p>look on the bright side -- at least you'll have your friends' old labs whereas they have nothing right now! mwahaha!</p>