Chem lab w/o lecture?

<p>Due to my score on the AP Chem exam, I will have credit in chem 102 at UIUC. However, my major requires not only chem 102, but also chem 103 (the lab portion) to be completed.
What do most people do in this scenario? How difficult are these labs? And will I be able to last in the labs without attending lectures? Will an A be possible?</p>

<p>You can usually register for a lab portion without lecture. In most cases, the lab class will use a lab manual that will explain what you need to do regardless of lecture, even though being in lecture can help make some concepts clearer. There might also be lab exams that'll go over experiments an assume you know some things from lecture but if you have AP credit you should remember the concepts with a little refresher course.</p>