Chem Majors or other science majors, is this too much?

<p>My fall schedule:I need all A's</p>

<p>Physical Chem I
Physical Chem Lab
Advanced Organic Chem (Orgo III)
Biochem II
Human Physiology I</p>

<p>I would say am pretty good at chemistry, but I also plan on going to the gym often and am also going to be heavily involved in extracurricular s. What do you guys think?</p>

<p>what grade are you in?</p>

<p>Am not in any grade am in university?</p>

<p>It depends on how often the labs meet and how long they are. I took Physics E&M with lab and The last Gen Chem my university offered which had a lab twice a week. It ended up being hell, having to go to two 3-hour labs, as well as one 1.5 hour lab.</p>

<p>No that's too many science classes in one semester. </p>

<p>Everyday it'll be science*5
You'd better be really prepared if you wanna take 5 sciences.</p>

<p>Dam sciencenerd by your name, maybe it is too much.</p>

<p>Doable if you don't have a job and spend at least 20 hours a week of your free time studying. Now, getting all A's.....hard to say. Science classes that involve learning a heck of a lot in a small amount of time (and chemistry and physics are the worst for this)'ll pass but all A's would be hard for even a genius, simply for reasons of time.</p>

<p>You're going to spread yourself too thin, look at the major map for your major. You'll see how many sciences they generally put in for one semester. It should have 2 or 3 at the most because the combined lecture and lab really does add up. You need to make sure you're covering all humanities/fine arts requirements and if you are then add an elective or two instead! Seriously, you will hate yourself if you do that many sciences.</p>

<p>Unless.....this is the recommended course your school has. My S' schedule is very similar, but that's what is necessary for his major. In fact, they have very FEW non-science classes even listed throughout their 4-yr plan. They fit in electives later.</p>

<p>How many credits is that?</p>

<p>If you're an upperclassman, there's nothing wrong with all science classes.</p>

<p>Heh, I'll be taking 100% engineering classes here on out starting in the spring (this fall it's all engineering + 1 last social science); I'm a junior.</p>

<p>I would be concerned from the workload angle instead of the subject angle. 'Well rounded people" are not "well-paid people" for the most part. That said, I would advise dropping one if it will not delay the schedule, but do what you must to get the paper needed to get the green paper :P</p>