Chem/Math/World History SAT 2 Review Book

<p>Hi I am currently a sophomore and I am going to take the SAT 2 in Chemistry, Math Level 2, and World History in October. This year I took Honors Precalculus, AP World History, and AP Chemistry.</p>

<p>Currently I have the following books:</p>

<p>Art of Problem Solving Volume 1&2 (I am also in math club and it covers advanced topics)</p>

<p>Cracking the AP Chemistry Exam, Princeton Review</p>

<p>Should I also get an additional Math or Chemistry book or will that ones I have be enough?</p>

<p>Also which world history book should I get? Princeton or Barron's are the ones I am thinking about but are there better ones?</p>

<p>Thanks :)</p>

<p>Art of Problem Solving is probably not the most efficient tool for the Math Level 2 test, which is actually quite easy. If you're good at math, going through a few practice tests (official CB ones and Princeton Review's are the most accurate) should be sufficient for 800. For Chemistry, Princeton Review is solid.</p>

<p>So for math should I just try to find some practice tests or get the College board or Princeton Review booklets that have practice tests included?</p>

<p>I got Cracking the AP World History Exam, Princeton Review from a friend to borrow this summer, should I get another book or will that be enough?</p>

<p>Also does anyone know where I could find free practice exams for Math, Chem, and World?</p>