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<p>Does anyone have any recommendations for Chem 105a? Any opinions on Stephens or Parr?</p>

<p>I'd like to know as well, I'm signed up for the later Parr section cause I rather not wake up for the 9am Stephens one.</p>

<p>This may be of some interest to you:
Chemistry</a> 105a</p>

<p>parr was pretty good at teaching. she was organized and had decent lecture slides. her tests were definitely harder than her lectures. i had prof bau 105a and prof parr 105b. the secret to doing well in chem 105 series is to just do the hw problems and asking questions if you're unsure. during my time with parr (2nd sem), the class averages for her tests were considerably lower than bau's (harder tests for sure). however, im pretty sure she curved an A down to an > 86% which is really fair. PM me if you have any more detailed questions about parr and the chem 105 series.</p>

<p>I dont know if he still teaches 105... but Bau was really easy.</p>

<p>Took Chem from Parr and Bau. Parr is organized so it was easier to follow and study......test were fair. Bau's lectures, though interesting, were disorgnaized so it made it much harder to set up a study plan for the test.</p>

<p>Both Parr and Bau were very helpful during office hours to answer my questions about the material.</p>

<p>What about Stephens, because that's who I'm signed up with?</p>

<p>My daughter liked Bau and has heard good things about Parr.</p>

<p>I didn't have Stephens but a few friends of mine did and none of them seemed to come out of the class with a positive view of him or the class. I'm not sure on the specifics, but I do remember them having complaints about exams, particularly regarding the curve, materials presented, and grading. To be fair, they may have been exaggerating a bit, so hopefully someone else (who actually had him) has more detailed information than I do.</p>

<p><em>Edit</em> I looked up his profile on ratemyprofessors:
Stephens</a> - University of Southern California -</p>

<p>BAU is easy. Got an A in that class. EVERY exams problem is from HW.</p>

<p>Arg, Bau isn't teaching 105A this fall. I guess I have to stick with Parr. Maybe he'll teach B in the spring.</p>