CHEM SAT II plzzz help..from those who took it already

<p>okay..umm hiii btw..hows everyone?..ok hehe well im takin the chem sat ii in NOV..and well i was wondering..what do we need to i knwo its totally different from the regents..cuz regents gives u this chart with a lot of info in it already..but like do u need to kno lil things like planck's constant..orr the specific heat of elements or lil things..electronegativity..blah blah ya u need to know each chapter?..thnx a lott..buh bye</p>

<p>nah it's easy, I got a 790 my sophomore year and I had only taken Chem I at the time.</p>

<p>Try flipping through a prep book and do the sample problems on the Collegeboard site to get an idea..</p>

<p>hey pebbles..thnx..not to be rude..but im not sure what u learned in chem I or how u learned..awesome score..but still im not sure how the test just we have to go we need to kno a lot of the constants..such as planck's constant..i was askin this..cuz i wanted to know specifically what u guys experienced during the examm...i am lookin at a book..but i wanna know how u guys felt during the exam..</p>

<p>hm. some constants, they gave you in the question.
the test was kind of a blur for me so i can't go into specifics.</p>

<p>you should know the basics tho. universal gas constant. specific heat of water. conversion of some units, like atm to torr. faraday's constant <-- may~be~. </p>

<p>I guess what I'm saying is,your focus shoudl eb on teh concepts, but it's never hurt anyone to learn your basic constants as well.</p>

<p>ooooooo thnx a lot yz..see that really i know how i should go about rememberin things...thnxx!!!..</p>

<p>hey sexydesi...u live in ny, coz u mention abt da regents...let me tell u...its NOTHING like the regents..the regents was a PIECE OF front of the SAT IIs in me..i took both....SAT IIs..horrible!!! u have to be realllyyy gud in wat u know already...otherwise ur screwed...its a lot of outside info!
btw, where r u from? (desi right here too)</p>

<p>AP books DEFINITELY help. I self-studied for both and got a 4 and 740, so .... notice the semi-correlation there.</p>

SAT II Chem is arguably considered one of the hardest SAT II, but in my opinion it's simple with AP chem. If you are shooting anywhere between 770-800, I recommend either extensive studying or AP Chem. You can do fine with regents chem too but you'll have a work a little harder. Since you can get upto 6-7 questions wrong and still get a 800, I think you should be fine if you study.</p>

<p>Don't memorize constants and numbers, you don't need them. You need to learn facts and how to do stuff like drawing Lewis structures of compounds you've never tried before, example ClO4, trends in periodic table, and unusual stuff, balance really hard redox reactions, and stuff in labs! It is everybody's demise. Example, do you know what to use to measure one L of H2O? (answer's volumetric flask).</p>

<p>hehe i dont think i knew that..sooo wow how should i go bout studyin for it then..?..i mean if its not like usual exams..i mean yeah regents are reallllly freakin easy..sooo yeh i mean u cant even compare both..but oo lord..doo u guys think theres enough time to extensively for the chem..i have other things..but i really wanna doo well in chem..argh..umm hmm o yeh btw from qnz..what bout u.</p>

<p>what should i do bout this exam? soo confused..and i cant thank you ppl enough for answerin my questions..thnx a lot!..wait its just not enough..hehe</p>

<p>bump..erm..o yeh btw im bengali arsalan..think i misunderstood ur ques b4</p>

<p>The Chem SAT2 was hard for me, even after taking the classes at school. There were many subjects that we simply just did not cover. I recommend getting a hold of the PR and Barron's books. Read through those to learn new things and you'll do much better on the test. Same for Physics.</p>

<p>thnx..i got the barrons..hmh its time..theres no timee!!</p>

<p>a lil mo advice pweeezzz!</p>

<p>If you read the whole Barron's book and make sure you understand everything, you should be fine. I only took regular chem at my HS (honors, technically, but that only means I did harder tests and more homework- it was the same classroom and same teaching), which barely covers the basics, but by reading the Barrons book and a few other resources I got an 800. I think Barron's does cover lots of stuff that does not show up on the test, though, so don't try to memorize EVERYTHING. On the other hand, if you do, you probably will know everything on the test.</p>

<p>I would recommend trying to find "Real SAT IIs" from a library or something, and taking the Chem test. Then isolate any subject areas you don't know well and study them in Barrons or some other guide. Also, make note of any test-taking techniques that worked or didn't work and keep that in mind on game day.</p>

<p>You can do this with any practice test, but I recommend the one from "Real IIs" because Barrons' practice tests (and those I've seen of other publishers) are often not too accurate as far as what material is covered and in what manner.</p>


<p>thnx a lot these "other few resources"..what were they..and do u think a week is enough to doo all this..agh..ill be studyin nightsss too ehh</p>

<p>Most of my studying was from Barrons, but I also checked out the Kaplan book from a local library. All I did with the Kaplan book was a couple practice tests, the review questions from each chapter, and a little bit of studying in one or two subject areas where I felt weak (or missed more than a few of the chapter review questions).</p>

<p>I also am taking AP Chem this year, so by the time I took the SAT II we had been through a couple chapters of the AP curriculum, which I suppose probably helped a little. I also memorized a list of common ions and solubility rules for the AP class, which may have been useful.</p>

<p> we have to know a lot of the constants..and like a lot of indepth info about each element..</p>

but @ the beginning there is some stuff - simple
like waht state stuff is normally, sulfur is yellow, chlorine is green...
and constants - dont think any really
the mole... thats maybe it
gas constant -.0821</p>

<p>forced to use sexydesi? very nice.</p>