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<p>Does anyone know how most people take their Chem sequences?
I am a prospective HumBio major (and probably pre-med so I would need all those required classes)</p>

<p>Can a current student post how you scheduled your chem sequence? (assuming starting with 31X in Autumn of Freshman year).</p>

<p>i.e. Autumn 31X, Winter 33, etc.</p>


<p>I think you might be able to start in 33 if you got a 5 on AP Chem or did decently well on the placement test</p>

<p>Yup. I think you need a 5 to go into 31x as well (not 100% sure). If you got a 5, you can start with 33 (organic chem) winter quarter, or start with 31x in Autumn as a quick review of the AP course.</p>

<p>i would start with 33 but it is strongly recommended that premeds start in 31X because it is the course accepted as the first term of general chem by many med schools.</p>

<p>u need a 5 to go into either, although they apparently dont really look at AP prereqs</p>

<p>i wanted to know about everything after that since there are like 7-8 required chem courses including labs.</p>

<p>and since the bio and humbio core are during soph year, its hard to fit chem classes in after freshman year until junior year.</p>

<p>OK so say you want to go premed and you didnt get a 5 on the AP test/ never took a chemistry class in high school. which Stanford chem class would you take this fall?</p>

<p>Xargon, you would probably take Chem 31A and 31B sequence; it's 31X split into two semesters. They let you place into 31X if you pass the placement test and didn't get a 5. At least, that's what I read.</p>

<p>alright sounds good. I'm a little worried about how I might fare with absolutely no prior knowledge of chemistry in a classic premed "weed-out" class. anyone wish to share their experiences?</p>

<p>Xargon42, the material in the placement test is somewhat dominated by the Gas Law, so if you have a good physics background you're likely to pass it.
Caveat: A,B,X and 33 are all demanding classes, widely regarded as sieves. If you're prepared, they should challenge you (as opposed to crushing you).</p>

<p>I passed into X without a chemical background and I found it amazingly torturous. Maybe the pace of A might have been more prudent; I took X Credit/No Credit, which you as a premed will not be able to do. Speak to your Academic Director before the second week of class is over, and you should be fine.</p>

<p>Use the summer to preview some of the material on your own or with the help of a tutor.</p>

<p>I'm definitely not looking into placing into higher chem classes, I just want to know if chem A is do-able without any chem background whatsoever</p>

<p>Xargon, +1 to Van2010's recommendation to use the summer to learn some chem on your own. I would venture to say that pretty few freshmen planning to enroll in Stanford's chem classes will arrive without having taken a high school chem class, so if you can make the time, you should probably study the subject to get some foundation--and especially if you are considering going pre-med.</p>

<p>I was planning on taking a chem class at my community college over the summer, but chem 1A is 30 hours a week (!) and intro to chem is 19 hours a week. Its so many hours a week because its a summer course condensing a full semester into six weeks. problem is, I will be on vacation for two of those weeks anyways so theres no point in signing up. I will probably just buy an AP chem book and self study some of it</p>

<p>^The Chem lectures on this free site would make a nice adjunct to self-study from an AP Chem book: Khan</a> Academy And there's also MIT OCW and other open courseware available on the net that you can find by googling "Chemistry open course". You can even access these while on vacation! ; )</p>

<p>sounds good, thanks :)</p>

<p>Just one chill '14er helping out another. : )</p>

<p>Possible Sequence For A Pre-med Starting in 31X in the Fall:</p>

-One year physical chemistry
-One year organic chemistry
-One year of chemistry labs</p>

<p>Fall Freshman Year - 31X (Intro to Phys. Chem)
Winter Freshman Year - 33 (Organic I)
Spring Freshman Year - 35 and Lab (36) (Organic II and Organic Lab 1)
Fall Sophomore Year - Chem 131 and Lab (130) (Organic III and Organic Lab 2)
Winter Sophomore Year - Chem 135 (or 171 if you want to take the class that uses calculus) and Lab (134) (Physical Chem and Chemical Analysis Lab)</p>

<p>I think that meets all pre-med requirements.</p>

that looks like a really sensible plan but i saw that 35 is a coreq for 130. do they care if you dont take them together/is it important to take them together to understand them?</p>