Chem6A and Math20B

<p>Hello im a incoming freshman in sixth college
and i currently can't decide between taking math20b (zhang yuan) and chem6a (sailor)
can anyone tell me from their own personal experience the pros and cons?</p>

<p>i see no problem with taking both ... most people take classes (16 units) a quarter. freshmen usually do a combo of math + chem + writing + GE</p>

<p>Sailor's a good professor for Chem6a. He gives out a weekly quiz as opposed to midterms, so there won't be any cramming involved. His class is lively, but not difficult. Also, you'll have more options for professors later on if you take 6a first quarter since most people take it then.</p>

<p>What the heck? Most freshman don't take 16 units. I don't know any freshman who are doing that. People actually frown when I say I am...</p>

<p>^ it's freshMEN, by the way. and there are plenty that do. maybe when you start college, you'll meet some of them</p>

<p>im not doing 16 units... im doing 17 units :P</p>

<p>i took 16 my fall freshman quarter, and 18 in winter and 18 in spring</p>

<p>im an upcoming freshman and i planned to take 16 units also. i only ended up taking 12 because all the classes got taken up xD</p>

<p>I took chem 6A, math 20B, and my college's writing class during my first quarter. It was very manageable.</p>

<p>i think what iamahorse^ did is good. writing req, chem, math. just 3 classes, but not a total cakewalk either. that seems like a good courseload to me.</p>


<p>Contrary to what you just said, I knew more freshmen talking 16 units than ones taking less. Just saying. astrina is right.</p>

<p>I took yuan for math 20a freshmen year and I thought she was a pretty good professor but I've got to warn you--she has a really thick accent so a lot of people couldn't understand her and thus hated the course. I don't know how well she teaches 20b though but I do feel that 20b is the hardest out of all three courses.</p>

<p>Both are the beginning of a very important sequence. Since you're deciding between both, I assume you're some kind of major that requires the complete sequences? I would suggest taking both.</p>

<p>Also, during my first year, I did not know a single person taking below 16 units. xD</p>