Chemical Engineering and Biofilms

What schools do you recommend for chemical engineering with a biofilms focus and/or please give feedback on the schools listed below (some of which have a biofilms focus). Open to any feedback whether about merit packages, acceptance rates, student experience, departmental faculty, women in faculty, etc…

Current schools considering: Univ. of Virginia, UMass Amherst, Montana State, Oregon State, Colorado School of Mines, Univ. of Arizona, UA Huntsville, maybe Vanderbilt.

You might consider Johns Hopkins as well, particularly for the biofilms focus.

Your list is literally all over the map. The foundational engineering courses will be the same at every ABET school. You might want to check the websites of individual departments to see what research they are working on. Plus, it may not matter where you get your major from because internships and co-ops will be critical to your career.