Chemical Engineering and chemistry

Hi everyone,

Next Fall, I will be attending MSU, and I will be majoring in chemical engineering. However, I really like chemistry, and after speaking with some chemE and chemistry professors, I found out that the chemical engineering curriculum is nothing like chemistry curriculum. That said, I thought about double majoring in chemical engineering and chemistry. I understand that this will hard, and I will be taking several hours per semester. But I know that schools like Vanderbilt offer programs where one can double major in chemical engineering and chemistry. I want to point out that the only reason I am majoring in chemical engineering is because I am getting a $5000 per year scholarship, and because I am a non-US citizen, I am not receiving any financial aid from MSU. So that $5000 means a lot to me, and I am not willing to give that up.

So, could you all please tell me if double majoring in chemical engineering and chemistry while doing undergraduate research is doable?

Thank you.

I do not recommend Mississippi State Department of Chemistry. I have experience there and I can tell you that apart from a few professors, the department is disorganized, rude, and cares more about research than the quality of the classroom experience.