Chemical engineering and scholarship chances


I’m a junior in Colorado and I’m looking for an idea of what kind of scholarships I could get and what schools I could get into. Our family could afford to pay about $10,000 a year.
Thank you for your time and help

Asian female
Got a 5 on AP Calc BC and Comp Sci
Have taken AP Chem, Gov, Lang, and Art History this year. I am confident that I got at least a 4 on all of those but hopefully a 5
I am an officer of Key Club and a member of NHS and another community service club
I am a JV swimmer for 3 years and a member of cross country for 2 years
I participate in computer science and have received an award for women in computing

I am interested in chemical engineering or computer science. I will apply to CU boulder, Colorado school of mines, University of Southern California, and Stanford for sure, but am unsure about other schools.

Thanks again

You may get full tuition at usc. There is financial aid if you get into stanford. I am pretty sure you’ll get full ride to Colorado schools. You are really strong. However, although you have a chance, it is not close to 100 at Stanford (pretty close to 100 at other schools I would say). Good luck. Work on your essays and you have a decent chance at even stanford.

Thank you!

Stanford is absolutely a reach for anyone particularly when you have nothing really outstanding on EC. Around 90% of students are rejected and many of them have similar stat as you. USC is mostly a reach school too due to the admission rate. You should first check the NPC for those reach schools as they only give need based aids anyway. Then, you can look up the schools that either give you automatic merit scholarships based on your test scores, or those schools you have a high chance to get merit aids (with your test scores and GPA way above their 75th percentile for admission). Lastly, in state flagship would be more likely to be affordable to you and you should have a great chance to get merit aids there too.


Check out UCSB, top 10 ChemE program (better than SC) and second in UC system only to berkeley. I’m going there in the fall for chemE, message me if you have any questions!