CHemical Engineering Chances Pleeassseee

<p>I applied for chemical engineering and I am freaking out about whether or not I am going to get in. I check my admission status like every day and I feel depressed considering the worst case scenario of not getting in :[
So here are my stats:</p>

<p>About a 4.0 GPA (Ranked 42 out of 670, so top 6 to 7 percent)</p>

<p>SAT- 2100 (Math- 760 Reading-660 Writing-680)</p>

<p>All advanced courses every year of high school
AP English III and IV, Calculus AB and BC, Physics B and C, World History, US History, and Chemistry.
AP Exam scores: 5's on Calc AB, US History, and English III. 3's on World History and Physics</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities: Played saxophone in the school concert and marching band. I have first ratings every year for solo and ensemble contests, both in region and state. I am in the school math club. I am in in Students for Social Justice and I am a co-founder of the school physics club. </p>

<p>Volunteer: I have done concessions at football games to help raise money for the school program. I also did numerous performances in a saxophone quartet for resting homes and a homeless children's Christmas charity. </p>

<p>On my application, I think I did very good on my essays, so even though I am not within the supposed 5 percent cutoff, I think I have a chance of getting in?</p>

<p>Are you instate? If so you're in.
The rule is not top 5% it's top 8 or 9%. No where near 5.</p>

<p>I heard it's top 8 to 9 for automatic admission, which I have already gotten, but I heard that most Engineering students are expected to be like top 5 percent. By the way, thank you for making me feel better, especially by replying so fast. Also, yes, I'm instate :]</p>

<p>In to UT? Yes. In to ChemE? I'd guess something like 50/50. Emphasis on guess...</p>

<p>Does the guess mean like...a 40 to 50 percent chance of getting in?</p>

<p>Ohh well then yes I think you have a very good chance. With those stats it should be obvious.</p>

<p>Don't take what I say too seriously- I'm not on the admissions council. However, comparing your stats to the ChemE's that I know, you seem to be average -> toss-up -> 50/50.</p>

<p>soadquake is in ChemE, though. Perhaps he can give you a better idea</p>

<p>pooopp. I guess 50/50 is better than I would have thought. Ill try contacting soadquake at some point. Thanks, you two, for your input!</p>


<p>I hope you are admitted into the chemical engineering major. What major did you list as your second choice? It would be possible for you to transfer into chemical engineering after your first year or so. Best of luck to you!</p>

<p>I would say you are in.</p>

<p>Kay, i made chemistry, so I hope I can transfer into chemical engineering the year after</p>

<p>I'm sorry that you didn't get in to your first choice. If it's any consolation, ChemE is really one of the hardest majors to get in to at UT. Many great applicants get turned down every year. You'll be okay though. If you hunker down and get to business as soon as you get here, I'm sure you'll be fine. </p>

<p>Best o' luck! And thanks for updating us.</p>