Chemical Engineering/Law?

I’m a high school student who isn’t exactly sure of what do major in–I have an interest in ChemE, I like chemistry and math (physics is a bit iffy but I’m ok with it) and the career itself seems very intriguing. However, I’m worried about job prospects–I’m worried that the job market may be flooded with recent graduates, or that more foreign-born workers will come and take jobs (heck, probably both). I have gotten all A’s in the top classes offered by my school for my entire academic career, including AP Chem. Could a competent ChemE graduate find a job, for lack of a better word, easily?

Another train of thought: I also have a strong interest in law–I am aware that many engineering grads go on to law school, specifically patent law. Do you think this could be a lucrative, viable career after a potential ChemE Bachelor’s?

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!

My daughter is in her third year of chem e at Purdue. She’s had no trouble finding internships and co-ops. First destination data about where students go after graduation seems to indicate the hiring is still very robust and salaries are competitive. If that is where your interests are, go for it.

I can’t speak to the second part of your question about patent law but I’m sure someone else will chime in.

As a side note, chem e is still pretty physics heavy so be prepared for a couple of years of college physics courses.

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I see, thank you for the info!

Does anybody have an opinion on my interest in patent law?

A ChemE major is a great background for patent law.

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