Chemical Engineering or Biochemical Engineering!?

<p>A very plain question:</p>

<p>Which one is better Chem Eng or Biochem Eng? and why?</p>


<p>Which is better? I reject the question. :)</p>

<p>U cant reject it. :p</p>

<p>I think biochemical is better than chemical because it has three more letters.</p>

<p>(What are your criteria here?)</p>

<p>with respect to what money,easiness or just in terms of speaking.its actually an unclear plain question</p>


<p>My Criteria is the Easiness and job opportunities.</p>

<p>Cuz I heard Biochem Eng is very similar to Chem Eng, but ppl in Biochem Eng Major got to learn more bios.</p>

<p>So would that make Biochem eng have more jobs opportunities than Chem Eng? (they can work in Chem eng field too)</p>

<p>That's just my theory, I really have no clue about that :)</p>

<p>"Biochem Eng is very similar to Chem Eng"</p>

<p>Biochemical Engineering is a branch in Chemical Engineering.</p>

<p>''Biochemical engineering is a branch of chemical engineering that mainly deals with the design and construction of unit processes that involve biological organisms or molecules. Biochemical engineering is often taught as a supplementary option to chemical engineering due to the similarities in both the background subject curriculum and problem-solving techniques used by both professions. Its applications are used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and water treatment industries.''</p>

<p>ChemE is broader.
Chem E and BioChemE is kind of like EE and Comp E.</p>

<p>''Today, the field of chemical engineering is a diverse one, covering areas from biotechnology and nanotechnology to mineral processing.</p>

<p>Biochemical engineering
Biomedical engineering
Chemical process modeling
Chemical reactor
Distillation Design
Fluid dynamics
Heat transfer
Mass transfer
Materials science
Natural environment
Process control
Process design
Pulp and paper
Separation processes (see also: separation of mixture)
Crystallization processes
Distillation processes
Membrane processes
Transport Phenomena
Unit operations
Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering ''</p>

<p>for jobs it really doesn't matters what you are apart from being of today i have seen websites of colgate palmolive,exxon where they are looking for bE engineering and not biomedical,biochemical or electronic or be a strong competitor u need to be well aware of inter related aspects and can always switch in your study years or jobs doesn't matters.easiness = nothing is easy in life.if it was easy then why are so many people not engineers and simply holding some low status is diffcult but if you are intrested it is fun and easy.that's just an advice.
eg; i am trying for biochemical and enter a management field after that as i want to be in assembly line production theme or simply say a buisness field.</p>