Chemical Engineering Student Dismissed from School. Seeking Readmission

Hello to all,

This is my second post of a previous issue that I already posted on this site. But I wanted to post this in the engineering section to see if I could find more answers. Basically, I was expelled from school for continued quarter gpa below 2.0. I’ve taken all the math and physics I could take because I went to a community college. I had process classes, engineering modeling, separations, kinetics, and project design left to graduate. In order to gain readmission I have to take “at least 20 units (or 5 five courses) directly related to the major with a minimum grade point average of 2.5”. Do I try retaking courses I did bad in, i.e. Electricity and Magnetism? Does anyone know of any good classes I could take from a school? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

If you could apply for readmission, you were not expelled, you were simply placed on mandatory leave.

You can ask your institution whether repeating courses counts. I’m sure repeating anything where you did not get at least a solid C in should work, since most engineering schools require you to get at least a C in relevant courses.